‘find Jobs For Kuwaiti Engineers’

Secretary of the Workers’ Union of the Kuwait Oil Company, Jada’an Al-Mutairi, has called on the Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mohammad Al-Faris, and the President of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Hashem Hashem, to “take a corrective decision and do justice to 172 Kuwaiti petroleum engineers who have passed the ‘incapacitating’ tests but have yet to be appointed in the oil sector.

Al-Mutairi said “it is unreasonable for the state to neglect these competent Kuwaiti engineers who hold degrees from the most prestigious international universities, and who have passed all the tests organized by the KPC.” He noted “the children of Kuwait have priority in employment in the oil sector, which is the locomotive of national development and the first source of income for the state.” He explained the youth of Kuwait “are keen to increase the capabilities of their country than any expatriate.” He said the government’s success “lies in the annual jobs it provides for national workers, especially in strategic sectors such as the oil sector,” pointing out that these engineers “have worked hard in theoretical and practical studies and passed the exams and are now waiting for appointment in the oil sector.”




: 2052

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