16,000 Expat Engineering Certificates Are Being Examined By Kse

21 February 2023 Kuwait Society of Engineers

Public Authority for Manpower, in cooperation with the Kuwait Society of Engineers, has taken practical steps to ensure academic qualifications, especially in engineering, while government agencies continue to purify the labor market of various professions.

According to Al-Qabas daily, the KSE received 5,248 requests for considering the qualifications of engineers for approval in cooperation with the PAM.

The KSE discovered 81 certificates that did not comply with accreditation requirements, seven of which were forged, 14 for Indians and 16 for Egyptians.

Most of the Indians and Egyptians who submitted requests for approval of the qualification recently represent 70% of the total applicants.

During this discussion, KSE head Faisal Al-Atl revealed plans to establish a national accreditation council, made up of government agencies, to test engineers.

In relation to the approval of engineering certificates issued by India, Al-Atl told Al-Qabas that Kuwait's position is firm regarding granting the title of "engineer" to non-Kuwaitis in work permits, as it follows a unified procedure that is applied "online", except that the ratifications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are matched.

It is the goal of Al-Atl to stop recruiting fresh graduates from abroad, since the principle is to bring in experienced engineers.


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