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Social Media Is Buzzing With Visa Trade Activity

The visa trade, which has been the topic of extensive debates about how to eradicate it from society, has recently come back to plague the government after temporarily disappearing during the Covid-19...

August 14, 2022 1003 Category: Kuwait
The Interior Ministry Is On The Lookout For Illegal Residents August 14, 2022 338 Category: Crime News
Indian Man Slits Wife's Throat, Attacks Baby In Court August 14, 2022 327 Category: India
MOI Is Monitoring Illegal Immigrants August 15, 2022 311 Category: Kuwait
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What Is The Boom And Bust Index Trading Strategy?   The big secret about how indicators trade,  fall and rise depends a lot on technical analysis, and it can be very daunting for novice traders. However, by understanding t... August 16, 2022 17 Category: Information
Bringing Hope To A Better Social Life With Entertainment City With the Entertainment City project, there is hope for the future, but will it be able to bring enjoyment and fun to thirsty children and their families? Al-Rai daily reports Kuwaiti families are wait... August 16, 2022 95 Category: Entertainment
As Of Feb 9, The '22 Assembly Chose Co-existence With COVID' A total of 34 recommendations were presented by the 2020 National Assembly - 17 in the first year and 17 in the second. In addressing the Covid-19 crisis, the Assembly made the following recommenda... August 16, 2022 84 Category: Kuwait
In Line With Kuwait's Vision 2035, Economists Praise MoCI's Initiatives In Kuwait, economists have praised the steps taken by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to prevent the circulation of “cash” in many sectors, pointing out that this is part of Kuwait&r... August 15, 2022 58 Category: Kuwait
The Law Will Be The Same For All, Illegals And Criminals Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Acting Interior, stressed on Sunday that the law should apply to everyone, criminals and violators of the... August 15, 2022 119 Category: Crime News
20 Asian Expats Arrested For Conducting Prostitution A prostitution ring operated by Asians was busted by the Ministry of Interior. A total of 19 people were arrested in the Salmiya area, 3 men and 16 women. Another Asian female was arrested in Sharq fo... August 15, 2022 195 Category: Crime News
90 Expats Were Arrested For Residence Law Violation In Bneid Al Gar, Shuwaikh Industrial area, and Farwaniya Governorate, security campaigns led to the arrest of 90 expats who violated residence laws. In order to take legal action, they were referred t... August 15, 2022 120 Category: Crime News
MOI Suspends Issuing Of Family Visas to Expats Until Further Notice Al-Anba reported that the residency affairs department has stopped issuing family entry visas to expatriates until further notice. According to the Al-Anba report, the senior leadership of the Mini... August 15, 2022 294 Category: Visit Visa
Expat Students Begin Enrolling At Kuwait University In the period from 21 to 27 August, Kuwait University will accept applications from foreign residents, GCC students, and high school graduates who wish to study at the university at their own expense.... August 15, 2022 111 Category: Expats
Depression Can Be Cured With Diet, According To A Study New research suggests that a healthy diet may improve the psychological state of adults with depression. In the new guidelines, vegetables should be consumed 5 times a day, fruits 2 or 3 times a day, ... August 15, 2022 83 Category: Information
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