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Spend More Than 6 Months Outside The Country; Renewal Of Residency Abroad

Local Arabic media Al-Anbaa reported that expatriates can still stay outside the country for more than 6 months, except for domestic workers. For domestic workers, the six-month rule applies and th...

August 07, 2022 1244 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Temperature Reaches 53 Degrees Celsius Due To A Heatwave August 07, 2022 1184 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Expats On Visa 18 Must Now Have Health Insurance August 07, 2022 476 Category: Health Insurance
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A High School Student Who Failed Two Exams Commits Suicide In Egypt According to local media, a 20-year-old Egyptian student committed suicide after failing high school exams twice. As soon as he was informed of his failure in the examination, the high-school stude... August 08, 2022 31 Category: Crime News
Al Jahra Is The World's Hottest Place Kuwaiti temperatures continued to break records, exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, with Al Jahra station recording 53 degrees, followed by Al Sulaibiya station 52.1 degrees. Kuwait recorded the highest... August 08, 2022 89 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Real Estate Violations Must End, According To Al-Manfouhi The Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, has issued a decision assigning the Building Violations Follow-up Committee to monitor the violating properties and to refer the... August 08, 2022 21 Category: Kuwait
Third A330-800 To Be Delivered To Kuwait Airways Al-Seyassah reports that Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) will receive its third A330-800 aircraft by the end of this month, as part of its contract with Airbus to purchase eight aircraft of the same ... August 08, 2022 61 Category: Kuwait
Jordanian Teachers Signed Contracts With The Ministry After passing the interview last July, the Ministry of Education started the contracting process with 169 male and female instructors from Jordan.   A local Arabic newspaper was informed by... August 08, 2022 22 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Airways Will Receive A Third Aircraft A330-800 As part of its agreement with Airbus to buy eight aircraft of the same kind, which the corporation would get consecutively until 2026, Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) will receive the third A330-800 ... August 08, 2022 16 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis May Be Red-faced By Malaysia's File After several Malaysians launched a campaign to collect signatures on the “Change” website to recover the funds they claim were looted by Kuwaiti officials and are still frozen in bank acc... August 08, 2022 102 Category: Kuwait
In Jahra, Some Schools Are Unsightly To Onlookers Some schools in Jahra and the surrounding areas are unsightly due to the high-rise compound walls, which frequently cause problems for the students and teachers and make them feel unwelcome by the res... August 08, 2022 13 Category: Kuwait
In 2021, The Municipality Receives 200 Complaints About Bachelors In Model Communities The Al-Asimah, Hawalli, Farwaniya, and Jahra Governorates' Deputy Director-General for Municipal Affairs, Eng. Ammar Al-Ammar, reported that in 2021, there were 200 complaints against bachelors li... August 08, 2022 35 Category: Kuwait
Without Air Ticked, Filipino Domestic Workers Can Earn Up To KD 850 Fahd Al-Shariaan, the ministers of commerce and industry and of social affairs and community development, made a resolution to establish the maximum fees for domestic recruitment agencies that do not ... August 08, 2022 178 Category: Kuwait
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