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I will be completing 17 years of employment in April 2017. I would like to submit my resignation in December 2016 with March 28, 2017 being my last working day.

My total monthly salary is KD 450, but work permit salary is KD 250 only. I have an increment paper signed by the management that my total salary is KD 450. Now, as per Kuwait Labor Law, on what basis will my Annual Leave and Indemnities be calculated? Total salary or work permit salary?

Also please advise, after my residency expires on March 28, 2017, what can I do if my sponsor does not pay my dues by then and does not renew my residency. If I approach Shoun, will they take a long time to settle my case?

Name withheld

Answer: Your indemnity is calculated on last remuneration earned. Hence it should be calculated on KD 450. Generally companies settle dues during or on 3 month notice period. If they don’t then you can go to shoun but we cannot guarantee you exact time and days Shoun will settle your case.



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