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Asian Currencies
KBE 267.02 176.67 362.31 921.65 1033.05 427.35 49504.95 Mar 21, 10:15 AM
UAE 266.66 175.90 362.31 914.07 1064.96 424.62 --- Mar 21, 10:58 AM
Kuwait India Exchange 265.82 177.93 347.82 904.97 1024.59 423.37 --- Mar 21, 10:35 AM
Al Muzaini 266.52 175.84 348.43 921.65 1012.45 424.08 49504.95 Mar 21, 10:20 AM
Lulu Exchange 266.52 175.83 341.88 920.81 1012.45 424.08 --- Mar 21, 10:53 AM
Oman Exchange 266.52 175.84 362.32 920.81 1012.45 424.09 --- Mar 21, 10:24 AM
Joyalukkas Exchange 266.52 176.68 362.32 920.81 1012.45 424.09 --- Mar 21, 10:56 AM
City Int 266.39 176.11 361.12 919.96 1023.86 425.66 --- Mar 21, 10:23 AM
Western Union 267.89 176.99 347.99 901.85 1029.26 421.36 49079.78 Mar 21, 10:32 AM
Middle East Currencies
KBE 100.52 --- --- --- 12.35 --- 1.18 2.24 1.22 --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Kuwait India Exchange 98.97 --- --- --- 12.35 --- --- 2.32 --- --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Al Muzaini 98.96 --- --- 11.90 12.17 11.79 1.22 2.30 --- --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Lulu Exchange 98.96 --- --- 11.78 --- 11.66 --- 2.32 1.22 --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Oman Exchange 98.99 --- --- 11.96 12.25 --- 1.22 --- 1.22 --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Joyalukkas Exchange 98.96 5291.00 769.23 12.12 12.35 --- 1.22 2.32 1.20 33.06 Mar 21, 10:57 AM
City Int 98.47 --- --- 11.91 12.35 11.46 1.20 2.26 1.20 32.76 Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Western Union 98.40 3.14 --- --- --- --- --- 2.22 --- --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Other Currencies
Currency USD GBP EUR CAD AUD ETB Updated
KBE 3.25 2.45 3.04 4.11 --- --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Kuwait India Exchange 3.30 --- 2.79 --- 4.52 --- Mar 21, 10:58 AM
Al Muzaini 3.25 2.63 --- 4.32 4.79 --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Lulu Exchange 3.25 2.45 2.79 --- --- --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Oman Exchange 3.27 2.62 2.99 4.34 --- --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Joyalukkas Exchange 3.24 2.35 3.33 4.09 4.16 77.51 Mar 21, 10:57 AM
City Int 3.26 2.65 3.02 4.38 4.75 71.42 Mar 21, 10:57 AM
Western Union 3.10 --- --- --- 4.79 --- Mar 21, 10:57 AM

What Is Exchange Rate?

Exchange rates are the rates at which one currency is exchanged for another. Also known as currency valuation, it represents how one nation's currency compares with another's.

Foreign exchange rates are determined on the foreign exchange market, which is accessible to a wide variety of buyers and sellers, and in which currency trading is continuous 24 hours a day, except on weekends. Trading occurs from 20:15 GMT on Sunday through 22:00 GMT on Friday.

Spot exchange rates refer to current exchange rates.

A forward exchange rate is a rate that is quoted and traded today but that is destined for delivery and payment at a future date.

There will be varying rates quoted by money dealers on the retail currency exchange market. Almost all trades are to or from the local currency.

Buying Rate: It is the rate at which currency dealers buy foreign currency.

Selling Rate: It is the rate at which currency dealers sell foreign currency.

Fluctuation In Exchange Rate:

Exchange rates based on market values are determined by changes in the two components' currencies. As long as the demand for currency exceeds the supply, it will gain value. When demand is less than supply, it becomes less valuable

An increase in demand for a currency can be the result of increased transactional or speculative demand.

Kuwait Exchange Rate: The Kuwaiti Dinar is Kuwait's currency. The Central Bank of Kuwait oversees the country's currency system. It regulates the Kuwaiti stock market along with the Kuwait Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Finance. The currency code for Kuwaiti Dinar is KWD, and the currency symbol is ك.

Currency Facts

Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Stats

Name: Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

Symbol:  ك

Minor unit:  1/1000 = Fils

Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Profile

Coins Frequently used:  5 Fils, 10 Fils, 20 Fils, 50 Fils, 100 Fils

Bank notes Freq used:  0.25 Dinar, 0.5 Dinar, 1 Dinar, 5 Dinars, 10 Dinars, 20 Dinars.

Users: Kuwait

Central Bank: Central Bank of Kuwait

How Can We Get the Best Currency Exchange Rate in Kuwait

Nowadays, most exchanges have their own mobile apps, which we can use to transfer funds in less than a minute. Even registering through the Kuwait Mobile ID app is possible. By using mobile apps, you can send money to your country at your fingertips.

Almost all of the apps offer the same currency exchange rate nowadays, so to get a better price, check the price on the app. If you are satisfied with the rate, you can send money through the app. If you are still seeking a better rate, please visit the branch during non-crowded hours so you can negotiate with them.

There is generally a favorable exchange rate in the middle of the month. However, the exchange rate is a bit lower at the end of the month and at the beginning of the month.

Use UAE Exchange, KBE Exchange, Al Mulla Exchange, and Muzini Exchange for better service, and the Western Union Money app for the best prices. These days, the Western Union Money app provides better rates than anyone else because they want to promote their app more.

Currency Exchange Companies in Kuwait:

As part of Kuwait's economy, exchange companies play an important role. Most expatriates here rely on money exchange companies to send remittances to their countries of origin. Kuwait's Central Bank supervises 40 exchange companies, each of which requires KD 2 million in capital. A large amount of money is remitted from Kuwait to other countries through exchange houses.

Here are some of Kuwait's most popular currency exchange companies: 

Al Ansari Exchange

Al Ansari Exchange Website

Al Ansari Exchange Facebook

Al Ansari Exchange Twitter

Al Ansari Exchange Instagram

Download Al Ansari Exchange Android App

Download Al Ansari Exchange IOS App

Al Ansari Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Al Mulla Exchange

Al Mulla Exchange Website

Al Mulla Exchange Facebook

Al Mulla Exchange Twitter

Al Mulla Exchange Instagram

Download Al Mulla Exchange Android App

Download Al Mulla Exchange IOS App

Al Mulla Exchange Online Assistance: 1840123

Almulla Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Al Muzaini Exchange Co.

Al Muzaini Exchange Website

Al Muzaini Exchange Facebook

Al Muzaini Exchange Instagram

Download Al Muzaini Android App

Download Al Muzaini IOS App

Al Muzaini Exchange Customer Service: 1888818

Al Muzaini Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Al Nada Exchange Group

Al Nada Exchange Website

Al Nada Exchange Facebook

Download Al Nada Exchange Android App

Download Al Nada Exchange IOS App

Al Nada Exchange WhatsApp: 1818000

Al Nada Exchange Branches in Kuwait

BEC Exchange

BEC Exchange Website

BEC Exchange Facebook

BEC Exchange Twitter

BEC Exchange Instagram

Download BEC Exchange Android App

BEC Exchange IOS App

BEC Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Joyalukkas Exchange

Joyalukkas Exchange Website

Joyalukkas Exchange Facebook

Joyalukkas Exchange Instagram

Download Joyalukkas Exchange Android App

Download Joyalukkas Exchange IOS App

Joyallukas Branches in Kuwait

Kuwait Bahrain Exchange

Kuwait Bahrain Exchange Website

Kuwait Bahrain Exchange Facebook

Kuwait Bahrain Exchange Twitter

Kuwait Bahrain Exchange Contact Number: 22281501 Extension 211/312

Download KBE Android App

Download KBE IOS App

Kuwait Bahrain Exchange (KBE) Branches in Kuwait

Kuwait India Exchange Company (KIECO Exchange)

Kuwait India Exchange Company Website

Kuwait India Exchange Company Facebook

Kuwait India Exchange Company Twitter

Kuwait India Exchange Company Instagram

Download KIECO Exchange Android

Download KIECO Exchange IOS

Kuwait India Exchange Company (KIECO ) Branches in Kuwait

LuLu Exchange

LuLu Exchange Website

LuLu Exchange Facebook

LuLu Exchange Twitter

LuLu Exchange Instagram

Download LuLu Exchange Android App

Download LuLu Exchange IOS App

Lulu Exchange Branches in Kuwait

UAE Exchange

UAE Exchange Website

UAE Exchange Facebook

UAE Exchange Twitter

UAE Exchange Instagram

Download UAE Exchange Android App

Download UAE Exchange IOS App

UAE Exchange Customer Service: 1808800

UAE Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Wall street exchange

Wall street exchange Website

Wall street exchange Facebook

Wall street exchange Instagram

Download Wall Street Exchange Android App

Wall Street Exchange IOS App

Wall street exchange Customer Service: 1822055

Wall Street Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Western Union

Western Union Website

Western Union Facebook

Download Western Union Send Money KW Android App

Download Western Union Send Money KW IOS App

Western Union Customer Service: 1877781

Western Union Agents in Kuwait

Al Zamil Exchange Co

Al Zamil Exchange Website

Al Zamil Exchange Facebook

Al Zamil Exchange Instagram

Download Al Zamil Exchange IOS App

Al Zamil Exchange Customer Services: 22432911 / 22282233 / 90909305

Hotline: 22282233

Al Zamil Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Al Sultan Exchange Co

Al Sultan Exchange Website

Al Sultan Exchange Contact Number: 25732488

Al Sultan Exchange Branch in Kuwait

Aman Exchange

Aman Exchange Website

Aman Exchange Facebook

Aman Exchange Twitter

Aman Exchange Instagram

Download Aman Exchange Kuwait Android App

Download Aman Exchange Kuwait IOS App

Aman Exchange Branches in Kuwait

ARY Exchange

ARY Exchange Website

ARY Exchange Facebook

ARY Exchange Branches in Kuwait

City International Exchange

City International Exchange Website

City International Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Kuwait Asian International Exchange

Kuwait Asian International Exchange Website

Kuwait Asian International Exchange Facebook

Kuwait Asian International Exchange Contact Number: 97237707

Kuwait Asian International Exchange Branch Details

National Exchange Company

National Exchange Company Website

National Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Oman Exchange

Oman Exchange Website

Oman Exchange Facebook

Oman Exchange Instagram

Oman Exchange Customer Service: 1886626

Oman Exchange Branches in Kuwait

United Gulf Exchange co

United Gulf Exchange Website

United Gulf Exchange Instagram

United Gulf Exchange Telegram

Hotline: 22200028

United Gulf Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Zajil Exchange Co.

Zajil Exchange Website

Zajil Exchange Instagram

Zajil Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Riyal Exchange Co.

Riyal Exchange Website

Riyal Exchange Instagram

Riyal Exchange Branches in Kuwait

Al Darwaza Exchange

Al Darwaza Exchange Instagram


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