Marcos: Kuwait Deployment Ban To End

22 October 2023 Filipinos

The President of the Philippines has announced an end to the ban on Filipino workers being sent to Kuwait.

"We agreed to continue discussing some of the obstacles to our relationship regarding the bans we had imposed on employment during that very quick, very short meeting." He was very effusive in saying that we should remove all of those and continue as before, which is a very significant development," Marcos said upon arriving from Saudi Arabia yesterday.

A brief meeting took place with Kuwaiti Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the sidelines of the first Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Gulf Cooperation Council (ASEAN-GCC) Summit in Saudi Arabia.

"We have had to ban Filipino workers from working in Kuwait for the past few months. Now that has ended, we will now return to the normal state of affairs with the Kuwaiti government,” he added.

Kuwait's government has moved "very quickly" on the issue and has begun discussions at the ministerial and ambassadorial levels.

According to Marcos, the crown prince apologized to him and clarified that he was against the Kuwaiti government's action against the Philippines in an interview with Filipino journalists in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the Philippines' supposed non-compliance with the labor agreement between Kuwait and the Philippines, Kuwait suspended the issuance of entry and work visas to Filipinos in May.

In addition, Kuwait demanded Manila to apologize for several employment violations at the Philippine embassy, including housing workers in shelters, searching for runaways without involving state institutions, and communicating with Kuwaiti citizens without their permission.

In January, the Philippine government temporarily banned the deployment of first-time household service workers to Kuwait following the killing of Jullebee Ranara, whose burned corpse was found in the desert.

Marcos quoted the crown prince as saying, "We will fix and make it because we love the Philippines.".

During his trip to Saudi Arabia to attend the first ASEAN-GCC summit, Marcos considered this a success.

"I tell our colleagues that the trip was worth it just to fix the Kuwait problem, which was really giving us a headache. We can record this as one of our successes from this trip," the CEO said.


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