Kuwait Unveils Monumental Solar Energy Project For Renewable Energy

06 May 2024 Kuwait

Kuwait is taking bold steps toward enhancing its renewable energy capacity with the announcement of a groundbreaking solar energy project. The initiative, set to generate 1 gigawatt of electricity through solar power, represents a significant move in Kuwait's energy diversification strategy.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Electricity and Water and the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has paved the way for this transformative project. The MoU outlines plans for a global operator model, with a tender process underway to engage suitable entities for project execution. Selected companies will enter into contractual agreements spanning 25 to 30 years to procure energy.

Technical details, including specifications, interconnection points, and load distribution, are being delineated by Kuwait Oil to facilitate the tendering process. This venture marks the oil sector's inaugural step into emission reduction initiatives and aligns with Kuwait's goal of sourcing 15% of its electricity from renewable sources.

Projected for completion before 2030, the project dovetails with Kuwait Oil's energy transformation strategy for 2050, championed by His Highness Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad. Cost-efficiency and technical compatibility will be prioritized in the selection process, with prospective bidders evaluated for their experience in renewable energy ventures.

The oil sector aims to roll out similar projects in the future, with plans to increase clean energy production to 3.7 gigawatts by 2030/2031. This transition underscores the sector's commitment to Kuwait's energy landscape, signaling a move toward complete reliance on renewable energy sources.

Collaboration between the Ministry of Electricity and Water and the oil sector is key to Kuwait's energy transition. A reconstituted energy committee, comprising representatives from both entities, is spearheading efforts to integrate renewable energy into the national grid and chart a sustainable energy future for Kuwait.

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