Steps to Renew Residency Visa For Expatriates in Kuwait
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MOI Recently Launched Process of Renewing Residency Visa Online in Kuwait

Who is eligible for renewing residency visa online in Kuwait

1. There should be no pending Judicial Judgements ofr The Sponsor

2. No Pending Residency Violations

3. No Pedning Traffic Violations

4. There should be no pending Judicial Judgements ofr The Sponsored

5. Person must be Inside the State of Kuwait

6. Valid Health Insurance Equivalent to the numbers of years to be renewed

7. Clear Medical Examintation of Sponsored

8. Passport validy of the sponsored should be more than one year

9. Finger Print exists for the Sponsored

10. Pending flight ticket for a previous departed house worker

Steps to Renew Dependent Visa Online In Kuwait

Step 1 - Visit Moi Website - E Services - General Department of Residency and Click Renew Residency and Select Individual

You can directly go to Individual Dependent Visa Renewal by clicking this 



Step 1 - How to renew Dependent visa online in Kuwait

Step 2  - Enter Username and Password , if you already registered user, if not click on regsiter, once you login it will take you to this below page, where it shows the details of all dependents , with civild id no , residency expiration date and an option to renew . you will get option to renew only if the validity is less than 2 months or its expired.

Step 2 - How to Renew Dependent Visa online in Kuwait

Step 3 - Click on Renew - When you click on renew , it will check for any violations like health insurance payment pending , late visa renewal payments etc, if you have any plase make the payments

Step 3 - How to Renew Dependent Visa on line in Kuwait

Step 3 - dependent viva violations payment

if no violations you will get option to continue, sometimes it will say no violations but you will not get option s to proceed,

then please check if you any trafiic violatons if you have nay please pay and try again

How to renew residency  online inKuwait

Step 4 - Enter Your Mobile no and Click Continue, it will ask you to enter mobile no, please enter mobile no and agree to terms and conditions, then click continue

How to renew Dependent visa online in Kuwait

Step 5 - You can find all details here , no of years of residency usually it gives only one year, Price will be 10 KD

and  Civil ID

once you verify all details just check agree and then click and renew

How to renew Dependent visa online in Kuwait


How to renew Dependent visa online in Kuwait

Step 6 - You all Set now you need proceed to renew Civii ID

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