Steps To Renew Residency Online For Expatriates In Kuwait - Article 22

05 April 2020 Dependent Visa


Renewing Residency in Kuwait: A Comprehensive Guide

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior offers a pivotal online service: Residency Renewal for the residents of the State of Kuwait. This article provides a detailed walkthrough on how to renew the residency for individuals, especially those who fall under Article 22 as dependents.

Prerequisites for Residency Renewal in Kuwait:

Before embarking on the renewal process, ensure the following requirements are met:

1.No Pending Judicial Judgments for the Sponsor: Ensure there aren't any legal judgments against the sponsor.
2.No Residency Violations: Ensure there are no violations recorded against you in the Immigration department. Check for violations here.
3.Clear Traffic Violations: No traffic fines should be pending. Check and clear traffic violations here.
4.Clear Electricity and Water Bills: Ensure all payments to the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) are cleared.
5.Clear Landline Bills: Settle any outstanding landline bills with the Ministry of Communications (MOC). Check and clear landline bills here.
6.Presence in Kuwait: The individual must be physically present in the State of Kuwait during renewal.
7.Valid Health Insurance: Ensure health insurance is valid for the number of years you wish to renew the residency.
8.Medical Examination: The sponsored individual must have cleared their medical examination.
9.Sponsored Individual's Passport Validity: The sponsored person's passport should have a validity extending beyond one year.
10.Renewing Person's Passport Validity: The person seeking renewal should also have a passport valid for more than one year.
11.Existing Fingerprints for the Sponsored: Ensure fingerprint records are available for the sponsored individual.
12.No Pending Flight Tickets: Ensure no flight tickets are pending for a previously departed house worker.

Steps to Renew Residency of Dependent  Online In Kuwait

Step 1: Visit the MOI Website under E-Services, navigate to the General Department of Residency, click on "Renew Residency", and select "Individual". Alternatively, directly access the Individual Dependent Visa Renewal page here. Enter your Civil ID number and proceed.

Dependent Visa Renewal Process on MOI Website Step 1

Step 2: Log in using your password or Mobile ID. First-time users should authenticate using Mobile ID and approve the corresponding notification on their Kuwait Mobile ID app.

Dependent Visa Renewal Process on MOI Website Step 2

Step 3: Switch the website language to English. Click on "Family Members". You'll be presented with a list of all dependents under your sponsorship, showing their Civil ID numbers, residency expiration dates, and an option to renew.


Dependent Visa Renewal Process on MOI Website Step 3

Step 4: Select the dependent you want to renew for. Review the displayed details, input your mobile number, ensure the "Latin name matches" box is checked, and then click "Renew".

Dependent Visa Renewal Process on MOI Website Step 4


Step 5: Upon clicking "Renew", the system will check for any violations or pending payments like health insurance dues, late visa renewal fees, pending bills with MEW and MOC, or traffic fines. If there are any discrepancies, make the required payments:

Renew Health Insurance
Pay Landline Bill with MOC
Clear Traffic Violations
Clear MEW Bills

If there are no violations, you'll have the option to make the payment via K-net. The charges will be 10 KWD. After completing the payment, you'll receive a confirmation.

Dependent Visa Renewal Process on MOI Website Step 5

Step 6: With residency renewed, the final step is to renew the Civil ID. Follow this guide for a comprehensive walkthrough.
Associated Costs:

Visa Renewal: 10 KWD
Health Insurance (Kids < 18 years): 30 KWD
Civil ID Renewal: 5 KWD




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