Steps To Renew Civil Id On Kuwait Paci Website

09 August 2020 Civil ID

Civil ID  Renewal Process

A civil identity card or a civil ID card is also called  Bitaqa-Almadaniyah. A Civil ID card holds all personal information about the residents. It is the important document for any Expatriate. As per latest law of Kuwait, Foreign residents in Kuwait will not be allowed to enter or leave the country unless they hold a valid passport and a civil ID card issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)

As an expatriate residing in Kuwait, it is important to carry valid and official documents with you all the time whenever you go around the city. Procedure of Renewing Civil ID cards has become an easy in Kuwait.

Steps to Renew Civil ID on PACI Website

Step 1) Visit Civil DI Renewal Page on PACI Website

Step 2) Enter your Civil ID No in The Box and Click Submit

CIVIL ID renewal process

If your renewal request succesfully processed , then  you will get an option to make a payment ,

Step 3) Please click on "Click Here To Pay Now

You will find civil id no , fees 5 KD  , Just click on pay and pay using knet

Civil ID Renewal Payment on PACi Website

Step 4) Once payment is successful , you will get a confimration page , please print or save the screenshot will sueful incase of any issues

Civil ID Renewal Payment KNET


Step 5) Once payment is done is successfully , you can check the status of civil id frequently , usually it takes monets now  a days , so you need to check the status regularly

How to Check Your Kuwait Civil ID Status On PACI Website

Step 6) Once you get the confirmation that your card is ready , you can visit the paci office and collect the card after 2 pm or you can opt for civil id delivery service for a charge of 2 kd

Steps To Get Civil ID By Home Delivery For 2 KD On PACI Website














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