Residence Transfer Of Children (dependent Visa) To Mothers Allowed

24 August 2020 Dependent Visa

The General Administration of Residency Affairs have reversed its decision which was issued to six governorates to stop transfer of residence of children to their mothers if father leaves the country permanently or if his residence expires while he is outside the country or even in the event of his death.

The new instructions were issued to directors of residency affairs departments in the six governorates, to accept transactions related to transferring residence permits of children on the sponsorship of their mothers residing in the country as in past, provided that they meet the conditions for the rules of dependent visa, the most important of which is the salary requirement of 500 dinars in their work permit.

The sources indicated that female teachers working in the Ministry of Education, as well as the nursing staff in the Ministry of Health and female doctors working in the Forensics department are entitled to sponsor their children on their residency as they are excluded from the rule.

The sources revealed to al qabas that the decision had caused great confusion within the departments, which necessitated to address it as soon as possible, and reversing it after it was found to be ineffective.



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