Around 27,000 Fake Kuwait Visas Have Been Discovered In Andhra Pradesh...
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Numerous forged visas for Kuwait were reportedly recovered by the government of Andhra Pradesh. From January 2022 to April 2022, the Government of Andhra Pradesh reviewed roughly 37,208 alleged Kuwaiti visas; however, only 10,280 of them were found to be in possession of legal documentation.

According to Malika Garg of the Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh, many people are complaining that they were taken advantage of by travel brokers, who are now demanding payment to bring them back. She saw that when the Cocvid-19 travel restrictions were lifted, more people started travelling to Kuwait.

The SP suggested that individuals use the Madad website and only use recruiting agencies that are registered with the Protector of Emigrants. The SP encouraged the folks to only travel abroad for employment on proper work permits. She urged the public to report any suspicious agents to the local police or to file a complaint with SB DSP at 9121102104 regarding those who defraud employers in Gulf nations while purporting to be employed there.

In a previous occurrence, the New Delhi Police busted a bogus immigration cum visa ring and detained the ringleader after a man from Kuwait was deported. Jamil Picturewala, also known as Mustaq, was named as the suspect. He was detained in Mumbai.

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