Urgent Warning Regarding Iphone "imessage" Security Vulnerability

Al-Rai Daily reports that the Department of Information and Communications Technology of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a crucial advisory urging all ministry employees and iPhone users to disable the "iMessage" feature immediately.

The precautionary measure is in response to the discovery of a security vulnerability within the service that could potentially be exploited by malicious attackers to compromise the security of the device.

Those who use "iPhone" devices within the ministry are specifically targeted by the warning. By taking this precautionary step, employees can safeguard their personal and sensitive information from potential breaches.

If left enabled, attackers could use the exploit to gain unauthorized access to devices, potentially compromising confidential data and breaching privacy.

All affected users are encouraged to follow the prescribed mitigation measures and disable the "iMessage" feature until further notice.

Follow Below Steps To Turn Off iMessage

Go to Settings - Tap Messages -Turn iMessage off


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