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The Registration Of Absconding Cases Online For Those Who Haven't Completed Residency Requirements Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) launched new system on "Ashal" portal for registering absconding reports for new expatriate workers who entered the country with work permits and did not ... September 19, 2022 252 Category: Kuwait
The Public Authority For Manpower Has Activated A New Mechanism Of Taking Workers Fingerprint On The Work Permit Cancellation The Public Authority for Manpower has activated a new mechanism of taking workers fingerprint on the work permit cancellation form to ensure that he receives his full financial dues, local Arabic dail... September 06, 2022 337 Category: Kuwait
77,000 Dinars In Fines Are Collected By PAM For Sponsors Of Domestic Workers During the previous month, the Public Authority for Manpower received 17 complaints from sponsors regarding domestic workers hired through the Recruitment Regulating Domestic Workers Department. Accor... April 13, 2022 265 Category: Kuwait
Authorities Must Reissue Mobile Vehicle Licenses Before deciding to re-issue the licenses after the Kuwait Municipality revealed the areas where the cars will be allowed to park to carry out their activities, government officials will meet to addres... April 12, 2022 197 Category: Information
500 Companies Were Closed With Code 71 According to the Public Authority for Manpower, around 500 company files were sent to legal authorities in 2021, and all of them were closed with code 71 'permanent suspension'. The inspect... April 05, 2022 183 Category: Kuwait
PAM Takes Legal Measures To Resolve The Workers' Strike After receiving a report from the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Police Station about a labor strike in one of the companies that have a contract with the Ministry of Education, the Public Authority for Manpower a... March 17, 2022 346 Category: Kuwait
The PAM Adds A Labor Complaints Service To Sahel The Public Authority for Manpower has integrated the labor complaints inquire service to the unified government application of electronic services "Sahel," according to Youssef Kazem, the of... March 12, 2022 234 Category: Kuwait
PAM Adds New Titles To Work Permits For Expats To regulate the labor market and prevent marginal workers from obtaining titles that allow them to benefit from various advantages linked to these titles in their work permits, the Public Authority fo... March 09, 2022 817 Category: Expats
60+ Non Graduate Expats forced to pay Insurance and renewal fee twice A number of non-graduate expatriates aged 60 and up who are covered by Administrative Decision No. 34 of 2022, which allowed them to renew or transfer their work permits within the private sector for ... February 12, 2022 862 Category: Kuwait
Commercial Visa To Work visa extended Ahmed Al-Mousa, the Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, announced the issuing of an administrative circular extending the deadline for converting business visit visas into work perm... February 12, 2022 691 Category: Kuwait
36 Work Permits Are Issued For '60s Residents' through 'Ashal' According to Al-Anba daily, the Public Authority for Manpower has issued 36 work permits through Ashal for non-graduate expatriates aged 60 and up who paid fees in accordance with Administrative Decis... February 08, 2022 578 Category: Kuwait
60+ Work Permit Renewal For 250 Dinar? Public Authority for Manpower has prepared a new draft for the renewal of work permits for 60-year-old residing in the country with a high school diploma or less. The new draft will be presented to th... January 21, 2022 2451 Category: Kuwait
Al-Mousa Reinstated As PAM Director Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Ahmed Al-Mousa, who was suspended from work by the former Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Al-Salman will resume work next Sunday, afte... January 15, 2022 522 Category: Kuwait
278 Complaints Registered By Domestic Workers The Public Authority for Manpower PAM informed that 278 complaints were registered from domestic workers against their employers. This is in addition to resolving 201 complaints amicably, Al-Qabas Ara... January 06, 2022 305 Category: Kuwait
PAM Continues To Receive Visitors Through Meta The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced it continues to receive visitors through the ‘Meta’ platform, affiliated to the Central Agency for Information Technology, as of today, up... January 05, 2022 234 Category: Kuwait
Manpower Sector Of PAM To Check On Those Who Receive Govt Support The national manpower sector of the Public Authority for Manpower, in January 2022 is expected to go after Kuwaitis who receive government support to work in the private sector and are registered unde... December 29, 2021 271 Category: Kuwait
Transfer Business Visa To Residency Till End Of This Month The Public Authority for Manpower said a window to transfer business visas into regular residencies in the private sector will expire at the end of December. The authority suspended the transfer of bu... December 22, 2021 584 Category: Kuwait
PAM Evokes Automatic Linkage With Bulk Labor Exporting Countries The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has evoked the automatic link with the labor exporting countries to confront the visa trade. The link was stopped following the outbreak of the Corona pandem... November 20, 2021 286 Category: Kuwait
5 Domestic Labor Offices Request PAM To Cancel Their Licenses For Unknown Reasons Five domestic workers recruiting offices have requested the Recruitment of Domestic Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) to cancel their licenses for unknown reasons. Statistics is... November 08, 2021 420 Category: Kuwait
PAM Committee To Study Raising Fees For Its ‘services’ After officially repealing Resolution No. 520 of 2020 prohibiting the issuance of a new work permit in the country for expatriate workers who have reached 60 years and above holding high school certif... November 06, 2021 289 Category: Kuwait
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