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Termination Of Work Contract And End Of Service Benefit Termination of Work Contract and End of Service Benefit Article (41) Subject to the provisions of Article (37) of this Law: a. The employer may terminate the services of a worker without notice, c... January 23, 2021 18499 Category: Termination
Termination And Joining New Company I would be grateful if you could clarify regarding my query as discussed below. I have worked with my previous company for about 3.5 years and joined with my present employer wherein I have transferre... December 22, 2019 1061 Category: Termination
Termination Without Reason I have a concern about my current situation here in my work. They terminated me without any reason and as far as I remember I don’t have any issue or violations from their rules and regulations ... October 11, 2019 18241 Category: Termination
Termination Of Service I have been working in Kuwait since October 2017. Unfortunately, I received a termination letter from my employer. I got another job but the new employer wants me to join before the completion of my t... August 24, 2019 1639 Category: Termination
Notice Period, Termination Indemnity And Transfers Today I will be answering questions regarding the major concerns that I am receiving. I have discussed notice periods, termination indemnity and transfers on multiple occasions before and in more deta... August 12, 2019 5119 Category: Termination
Termination From Job During Pregnancy I just want to ask for advice regarding my current situation in my company. I joined a company in June 2018 and I got pregnant during the month of November 2018. I already changed my visa to the compa... May 30, 2019 1436 Category: Termination
Termination Due To Absenteeism Of Health Reason I am working with a Korean company in Kuwait for the past 8 months, but they are going to terminate me due to absenteeism. Actually I am suffering from skin infection and taking medication for that. I... March 28, 2019 1348 Category: Termination
Jobs Panel Takes Up Expat Termination MP Safaa Al-Hashem revealed that the parliamentary Replacement and Job Crisis Committee will meet next week with the concerned governmental bodies to discuss the termination of all expatriates working... July 23, 2018 4916 Category: Termination
CSC Has Informed About An Increase In Expats Terminations Early Next Month Civil Service Commission (CSC) has informed Parliament’s Replacement Committee about an increase in the number of expatriate employees in the public sector to be terminated, which will reach 3,1... June 07, 2018 1409 Category: Termination
Termination Of Nearly 1000 Expatriate Employees Of The Public Sector Parliament’s Replacement Committee has received statements from some governmental institutions concerning the termination of nearly 1,000 expatriate employees of the public sector from July 1, r... May 07, 2018 967 Category: Termination
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