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‘Taraweeh’ , ‘Qiyaam’ Prayers In Mosques During Ramadan For Men Only The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced that Taraweeh prayers and the ‘night prayers’ (Qiyaam) in the mosques during the coming Ramadan will be for men only, reports Al-Rai dai... April 10, 2021 567 Category: Project Visa
Local Transfer For Project Visa My friend had come to Kuwait on normal Article 18 Visa to one of the biggest retail companies in Middle East; however he completed 4 years and then transferred the residency to another company which w... September 01, 2019 4539 Category: Project Visa
Change From Project Visa To Private Visa After 3 Yrs Of Service I have worked in my company for 3 years now and I want to take release but my visa is government contract visa. Can I get another company on this visa and also possible for them to change it to privat... August 26, 2019 11206 Category: Project Visa
Transfer From Project Visa 18 To Private Visa 18 I came to Kuwait on direct company visa (project visa No. 18). My profession is foreman and my salary is more that KD 600 per month. Having worked in this company for more than four years, is it possi... August 23, 2019 15335 Category: Project Visa
PAM Denies Rumors On Transfer Of Project Visa To Private Sector Companies Kuwait Deputy Director General of Labor Affairs at Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Hassan Al- Khedr denied the reports being circulated in newspapers and social media about the transfer of residen... August 22, 2019 3521 Category: Project Visa
Transfer Of Residence From Project Visa SE To Private Sector Companies Untrue Deputy Director General of Labor Affairs at Public Authority for Manpower Hassan Al- Khedr denied the information being circulated about the transfer of residency from projects under small enterprises... August 22, 2019 1666 Category: Project Visa
Transfer Of Engineers Project Visa To Pvt Visa I am currently on visa 18 and came to Kuwait in 2015. Since 2015 I have been working with same employer in the private sector with engineer designation however due to KSE issue in Nov 2018 my company ... May 24, 2019 1746 Category: Project Visa
Project Visa Completed – Terminated With 3 Mnts Notice Since December 2016, I have been working for a private company under project visa. After two years contract completion, the company terminated me with three months notice period. As per labour law is ... February 13, 2019 1635 Category: Project Visa
Govt. Project Visa After Completion Go Back To Your Country I wish to inquire about my status here in Kuwait. I’ve been working with my company for four years under government project visa 18. I wish to transfer to another company, however my current com... January 21, 2019 2002 Category: Project Visa
Project Visa Transferred To Main File And Driving Licence Related To Designation Change First I came to Kuwait on project visa in June 2006 upon completion of project then my company transferred my residence to the Main file of the same company and same sponsor. Now I have the followi... December 24, 2018 1770 Category: Project Visa
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