Project Visa Transferred To Main File And Driving Licence Related To Designation Change

24 December 2018 Project Visa

First I came to Kuwait on project visa in June 2006 upon completion of project then my company transferred my residence to the Main file of the same company and same sponsor.

Now I have the following questions:

1. If I get good offer, can I transfer my residency to normal visa 18 residency?

2. When I first enter in Kuwait in the year 2006 my designation was a Driver then I got the licence in 2008 for ten years, then I changed my designation to Accountant before 2009, do I have any issue if I go for the renewal process for my license? If I change my current Accountant Designation to any other designation, will it affect my driving license? Please clarify the above issue. Your response is highly appreciated.

Name withheld

Answer: Now that your visa has been transferred to the Main file of the same sponsor and same company, it is possible to transfer your residency to another sponsor but this can only be done with the agreement of the current sponsor. On the issue of designation change and its effect on your driving licence renewal, there is no straight answer to your query, especially as you obtained your driving licence before 2013 when regulations covering designation change and driving lincese were introduced the ambiguity stems from the fact that some of the officials at the Traffic Department interpret these regulations in a way that may not be in tandem with what these regulations actually say. On this score, what we can say is that you should be prepared for any eventuality when you go to renew your licence with the designation change.



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