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MPW, Finance Embarks On 95 Million Dinars Arabian Gulf Waterfront Development Project The Ministry of Public Works, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance has included the Arabian Gulf Street waterfront project in the plan for the next fiscal 2022-2023, in response to the request... January 08, 2022 391 Category: Kuwait
MPW Negotiating Deals For Maintenance Of Rainwater Pumps The Ministry of Public Works and the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) are negotiating deals with companies to maintain and operate rainwater pumping stations for tunnels on highways. Al-Jar... December 07, 2021 248 Category: Kuwait
MPW Gets Approval To Refloat South Al-Mutla’a Plant Tender The Ministry of Public Works has obtained the approval from the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) to re-float the tender for the construction, operation and maintenance of the South Al-Mutla&rs... December 02, 2021 289 Category: Kuwait
MPW Getting Fully Geared Up For Rainy Season The Ministry of Public Works has raised the state of emergency in preparation for the rainy season, which usually sees flooding in some main and internal streets and other areas of Kuwait. Informed... October 30, 2021 738 Category: Kuwait
Minister Reshuffles Top MPW Officials Minister of Public Works Dr Rana Al-Faris recently reshuffled the assistant undersecretaries; including Eng Walid Al-Ghanim as Assistant Undersecretary for the Sanitary Engineering Sector, Eng Abdul-M... October 21, 2021 343 Category: Kuwait
MPW Says Completion Of Projects 33 Percent Ministry of Public Works (MPW) said at the end of the second quarter of the fiscal year on Sept 30 last was 33% and the percentage of spending on ministry projects of the total project allocations in ... October 16, 2021 248 Category: Kuwait
SAB Criticizes MPW For Not Using Budget Allocated For 34 Projects The State Audit Bureau criticized the Ministry of Public Works for not benefiting from the budget allocated for 34 projects in the budget of 2020/2021 fiscal year, totaling about KD 22 million, report... October 13, 2021 197 Category: Kuwait
MPW Dealt With 2,944 Road And Network Repairs Complaints Last Month The Ministry of Public Works announced it dealt with 2,944 complaints related to road and network repairs last September, out of which 2,761 complaints have been solved and 183 are being looked into. ... October 11, 2021 286 Category: Kuwait
MPW Gets CAPT Approval For 4th Change Order In Tender Contract The Ministry of Public Works has obtained approval from the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) for the fourth change order in the tender contract for the design, construction and maintenance of ... September 04, 2021 347 Category: Business
Nazaha Refers Former MPW Employees To Prosecution The Public Anti-Corruption Authority ‘Nazaha’ said it has referred former employees of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) to the Public Prosecution for causing ‘unintentional damage&... August 31, 2021 195 Category: Crime News
MPW Plans To Increase Number Of Workers In Complaints Spike Due to the large number of complaints from road users and the desire to achieve a qualitative leap in dealing with the public quickly, the Ministry of Public Works launched Hotline No. 150 to immediat... June 22, 2021 397 Category: Kuwait
MPW Prepares For Digital Transformation Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Dr Rana Al-Faris, stated the Info Systems Center at the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) is preparing a plan... May 30, 2021 580 Category: Business
Liquidity Crisis Delays Payments To Contractors For MPW Projects Informed sources in the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) revealed that payments to contractors who were engaged to supervise projects on behalf of the ministry and the Public Authority for Roads and Lan... February 23, 2021 396 Category: Kuwait
Five Years On MPW Tells Authorities To Provide Budget Or Scrap Project The Ministry of Public Works recently approached the ministries of Finance and Higher Education to provide budget for the Institute of Music Studies and Dramatic Arts project, or asked for scrapping o... February 17, 2021 546 Category: Business
MPW To Implement KPI System To Monitor Sectors The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) is in the process of implementing a system of key performance measurement indicators (KPI) for the year 2021/2022, Al Anbaa reported quoting informed sources. The... January 28, 2021 354 Category: Kuwait
MPW Laid 100sq. Km Of Asphalt Within A Week The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) carried out a maintenance operation between January 13 to 19th of January. During this operation, the ministry laid asphalt in 7 sites across various regions of the ... January 21, 2021 306 Category: Kuwait
MPW Minister Refers Roads Damage Report To Anti-Corruption Authority Minister of Public Works Dr Rana Al-Fares referred a report to Public Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) about damages in roads caused by rain fall and amongst recommendations was improving designing ... January 04, 2021 452 Category: Information
Residents Of Khaitan Area Complain Of MPW’s Negligence To Repair The Roads Whoever is led by his bad luck to visit Khaitan area to follow up something will assert that this area does not belong to Kuwait, even though this country is classified among the richest in the world.... January 03, 2021 404 Category: Information
No Kuwaitis Available As MPW Suffers Shortage Of Techies The Ministry of Public Works is currently suffering from a shortage of Kuwaiti technical workers in its central workshops, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources. Sources pointed out that this proble... December 28, 2020 420 Category: Information
Motorists, Farm-owners Urge MPW, PART To Repair The Road Of Death   The daily had earlier reported that the road close to the Wafra Water Pumping Station, has turned into a “Road of Death”, becoming a model of government negligence, lackluster an... December 18, 2020 670 Category: Information
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