PSC Deposits Over KD 1bl In MoH Account Since Inception Of Health Insurance
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Public Services Company (PSC), the firm in charge of implementing the health insurance project for expatriates has deposited a total of KD 1,050,337,355 in the Ministry of Health’s account at the Central Bank since the inception of the project in July 2003, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Sources told the daily that the company deposited KD 7,311,895 into the ministry’s account last October and additional KD 6,523,680 from Sept 3 – Oct 1, 2018, indicating sums deposited between Jan 1 and Aug 31 of the current year add up to KD 71,072,260, while a total of KD101,203,635 was deposited in 2017.

They went on to reveal that money deposited for similar purposes by the Public Services Company in 2016 reached 92,404,425 and in 2015 transferred roughly KD 99,650,17 and KD 85,955,900 in 2014.

Meanwhile, the company deposited KD 88,717,495 in 2013, KD 80,709,700 in 2012, KD 76,346,770 in 2011, KD 70,145,490 in 2010, affirming that money transferred into the Ministry of Health’s account between 2003 and 2009 reach KD264,244,925 . It is noteworthy the Ministry of Health has had about 16 ministers, 11 undersecretaries, 5 assistant undersecretaries, and 6 acting assistant undersecretaries since the inception of the health insurance project for expatriates in July 2003 until Oct 2018.



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