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MOH Plans To Vaccinate All Those Waiting For 2nd Dose Of Vaccine In 2 Weeks The Ministry of Health (MOH) has developed a plan to vaccinate all those waiting for the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in 2 weeks. The ministry will vaccinate all those with a second dose who... May 25, 2021 1443 Category: Coronavirus
Clinic In Al Sabah Continues To Vaccinate Patients Before Treatment Abroad And Students - MOH The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced the opening of the clinic this week at the Immunization Center at the Islamic Medicine Center in the Al-Sabah Specialized Medical District, which began receiving... May 21, 2021 449 Category: Kuwait
MoH To Increase Pfizer Vaccine Contract By KD 14.5 Million The Ministry of Health (MoH) has requested to increase the value of the Pfizer contract by 200%. The value of the contract is to be increased by  KD 14.5 million equivalent to USD 48 million, Al ... May 19, 2021 569 Category: Kuwait
‘Get MoH, MoI Nod For Gatherings’ No gatherings or rallies are allowed without the approval of the Ministry of Health and permission from the Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a high-ranking security source. The s... May 17, 2021 295 Category: Kuwait
MoH To Extend Gap Between Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Ministry of Health (MoH) decided to extend the interval between the two doses of vaccines. The gap between two doses of the Pfizer vaccine is to be increased to 6 weeks. But for those above the age of... May 03, 2021 905 Category: Coronavirus
The Ministry Of Health Received One Million Calls During The Corona Pandemic The citizen service sector, affiliated with the Ministry of Health, played an important and pivotal role during the Corona pandemic, as the sector is currently receiving intense communications from th... April 19, 2021 244 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Health’s CSS Plays Vital Role Regarding Covid-19 Pandemic The Citizens Service Sector (CSS), affiliated to the Ministry of Health, played an important role during the corona pandemic and the sector continues to receive intense communication from the public a... April 19, 2021 236 Category: Coronavirus
MoH Unveils Plan To Open 50 Clinics For Quitting Smoking Sabah Specialized Medical District Director and Vice-President of the National Program for Smoking Control Dr Ahmed Al- Shatti has unveiled the Ministry of Health’s plan to open 50 clinics for q... April 18, 2021 363 Category: Health
MoH Stresses That Coronavirus Vaccine Given To All The People Who Received SMS All shots of COVID-19 vaccines were given on Thursday to all people who came to vaccination centers in accordance with a specific time set via short message service (SMS), the Kuwaiti Ministry of Heal... April 17, 2021 2003 Category: Kuwait
31,000 Surgeries Cancelled In 3 Months The Ministry of Health revealed that 31,000 surgeries were cancelled in Kuwait during the past 3 months at the height of the pandemic, stressing that rescheduling and completing them may require a yea... April 14, 2021 347 Category: Kuwait
MoH Announces Ramadan Timings For Vaccination Centers The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MoH), Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, announced the working hours of the Covid-19 vaccination centers during the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Rai reported. Al... April 13, 2021 2874 Category: Ramadan
MoH Inks KD 30 Million Deal To Buy Equipment The Ministry of Health has signed a contract to purchase and maintain 15,000 X-ray and sterilization equipment, at a cost of 30 million dinars, reports Al-Anba daily. An official document, a copy of w... April 13, 2021 394 Category: Business
MoH Approves A Plan For The Return Nurseries In September The Ministry of Health(MoH) officially approved the plan for the return of private nurseries and nurseries for people with special needs, at full capacity in September, Al Qabas reported. A letter ... April 12, 2021 331 Category: Kuwait
MoH Okays ‘excellent’ Bonus Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Basil Al-Sabah has authorized the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dr Mustafa Redha to disburse excellent performance bonuses to employees nominated by their direc... April 05, 2021 1108 Category: Kuwait
MOH Holds Press Conference On Wednesday Kuwait sees a decline in Covid19 infections among Citizens compared with previous month. Ratio of infection among Citizens is less than 55% compared with 68% at some times over the last few month... April 01, 2021 712 Category: Kuwait
MoH To Receive Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine 11th Batch Next Sunday Kuwait Ministry of Health (MoH) will receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine eleventh batch next Sunday. The Assistant Undersecretary for Medicines and Medical Supplies at the Ministry, Dr. Ab... April 01, 2021 384 Category: Coronavirus
"The Flights" Are Delaying The Arrival Of Vaccines While the Ministry of Health continues efforts to accelerate the pace of vaccinations on the one hand, according to the plan aimed at vaccinating about 70% within months, the process of follow-up and ... March 31, 2021 589 Category: Coronavirus
The Ministry Of Health Launches Electronic Reservation To Review The Public Employment Department The Public Employment Department at the Ministry of Health announced the launch of an electronic reservation service through the Ministry of Health website March 28, 2021 598 Category: Kuwait
MOH Warned That The Epidemiological Curve Is A Danger Indicator While the number of "Corona" cases continued to rise in the country, the Ministry of Health warned that the epidemiological curve is a danger indicator. Health officials told Al-Qabas: The r... March 28, 2021 1316 Category: Coronavirus
MoH To Set Up 10 Mobile Units For Vaccination Against COVID-19 In All Governorates The Ministry of Health (MoH) plans to set up 10 mobile units to start vaccination campaigns in all the provinces soon.  Al Anbaa reported. Health sources confirmed to the daily that the units ... March 22, 2021 449 Category: Coronavirus