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MoH Closes Jaber Bridge Vaccination Center On Thursday, August 18, 2022, the Sheikh Jaber Bridge Vaccination Center will shut its doors after successfully immunizing a significant number of locals and foreigners. In view of the nation's Co... August 17, 2022 25 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Health Will Study Pharmacology And Establish Private Pharmacies Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, the Minister of Health, established a committee to investigate ideas for accelerating the enactment of relevant laws governing the pharmaceutical profession and organizing the ope... August 15, 2022 135 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Health Closes 12 Private Pharmacies For Violating Rules Seven independent pharmacies were given a three-month closure order by authorities for supplying unlicensed medications. The Ministry also terminated the licences of two other pharmacies and an import... August 13, 2022 172 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Health Denies A Report Published On Social Media According to social media rumors, one of the medical departments at one of the nation's hospitals only employs one female receptionist. This claim has been refuted by the Ministry of Health. &n... August 11, 2022 138 Category: Kuwait
MOH Says That Free Healthcare For All Is No Longer Possible According to the Ministry of Health, the decision to reserve government hospitals solely for citizens will be postponed until the primary and secondary healthcare facilities for foreign nationals unde... August 07, 2022 812 Category: Kuwait
MOH Warns Against Fake Payment Requests The Ministry of Health has warned against responding to messages some people have received from the ministry requesting them to pay money in exchange for receiving documentation relevant to their tran... July 17, 2022 228 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Ministry Of Health Reports Improvement In COVID-19 Indicators Despite an increase in some performance criteria, the Ministry of Health (MoH) confirmed that indicators of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kuwait are currently reassuring. The ministry said in a statement o... June 08, 2022 387 Category: Coronavirus
11 Primary Healthcare Centers Opened By MoH To Help Smokers Quit It was announced that the Ministry of Health had updated its work plan for a network of eleven primary health care centers distributed throughout the country to offer smoking cessation clinics. An ... June 04, 2022 313 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Has No Monkeypox Cases - MoH Kuwait’s Ministry of Health confirmed no monkeypox cases were detected in the country. The ministry’s twitter account noted that the ministry is closely following latest developments of th... May 23, 2022 148 Category: Kuwait
A New Service For Bedridden Citizens Is Introduced By The MOH Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, the Minister of Health, presented a new bed-bound care service for citizens in accordance with the updated procedures to include home visits as well as the provision of multidisci... May 12, 2022 147 Category: Kuwait
MoH Warns About Fake Messages Circulating in Public The Ministry of Health has said that it never requests civil id information from the public in order to verify vaccination information and that any such mails are not from the Ministry. Many people... May 09, 2022 221 Category: Kuwait
The MOH Apologizes For Malicious Rumors In a statement, the Ministry of Health disputed that the Mubarak Hospital had asked patients to bring their own pillows due to scarcity. According to the ministry, the rumours are false and malicio... May 05, 2022 441 Category: Kuwait
All Health Services Will Be Automated By MOH The Ministry of Health has established a long-term goal of automating all of its services. The strategy aims to streamline the work process and make life simpler for visitors and ministry employees at... April 30, 2022 95 Category: Health
Kuwait Has No Cases Of Acute Hepatitis - MoH The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health stated that its specialized teams have continued to monitor local and worldwide health situations, stating that Covid instances should not be confused with other illness... April 30, 2022 149 Category: Kuwait
Twitter Remains Suspended After Health Employee Refuses To Cooperate Since April 9, the Ministry of Health's Twitter account has not posted any tweets, despite the ministry releasing daily statements to the press. Sources informed a local Arabic daily that the a... April 19, 2022 260 Category: Kuwait
School Vaccination Program: MoH Encourages Parents To Register In an appeal to parents, the Ministry of Health urged them to register their children for annual school vaccinations. Vaccines will be given to fifth grade students, only sixth grade girls, and twelft... April 11, 2022 367 Category: Coronavirus
The GIG Regrets That MOH Has Not Met Its Financial Obligations Due to the Ministry of Health's failure to meet financial obligations totaling more than 120 million dinars for the past more than 9 months, the Gulf Insurance Group may suspend payments to medica... April 03, 2022 257 Category: Kuwait
MOH To Open Storage Facility For Blood And Derivatives The Ministry of Health's Blood Transfusion Services Department announced the opening of a laboratory at the Sheikha Salwa Al-Sabah Stem Cell and Umbilical Cord Center as part of an expansion plan ... April 02, 2022 107 Category: Kuwait
MOH Reduces Overcrowding At Shuwaikh And Sabhan Centers In order to support the smooth completion of work, the Ministry of Health has stated that working hours at the two foreign workers' examination centers in Shuwaikh and Sabhan would be extended. ... March 28, 2022 210 Category: Information
MoH Announces Ramadan Working Hours During the holy month of Ramadan, the MoH announces working hours. As per the circular, Administration and all departments which do not provide direct medical or health services will operate from 10:0... March 23, 2022 2073 Category: Ramadan
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