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The GIG Regrets That MOH Has Not Met Its Financial Obligations Due to the Ministry of Health's failure to meet financial obligations totaling more than 120 million dinars for the past more than 9 months, the Gulf Insurance Group may suspend payments to medica... April 03, 2022 229 Category: Kuwait
Renewing Files Of Companies Requires Workers' Insurance Coverage The Public Authority for Manpower's Occupational Safety Center intends to compile a comprehensive list of enterprises that do not comply with the laws and regulations for providing insurance for l... March 06, 2022 306 Category: Kuwait
Four New Insurance Companies Have Been Listed Instead of adding four additional companies to the list of companies issued previously, the Insurance Regulatory Unit has issued a decision to increase the number of firms authorized to provide health... February 24, 2022 301 Category: Information
Supervisory jobs are being ‘Kuwaitized’ by the IRU In order to implement the state's strategy to localize the insurance sector and increase the participation of national workers in developing market competitiveness, creating an attractive work env... February 21, 2022 88 Category: Kuwait
Municipal Council Will Stop Insuring Car Park Sheds For 30 Dinars Fahid Al-Muwaizri, the head of the Municipal Council's Legal and Financial Committee, said that the car park shed regulations and revisions to Municipal Law 33 of 2016 had been approved and referr... February 21, 2022 181 Category: Kuwait
60+ Non Graduate Expats forced to pay Insurance and renewal fee twice A number of non-graduate expatriates aged 60 and up who are covered by Administrative Decision No. 34 of 2022, which allowed them to renew or transfer their work permits within the private sector for ... February 12, 2022 827 Category: Kuwait
Insurance Regulatory Unit Finally Resolves The ‘crisis Of The 60s’ The Insurance Regulatory Unit (IRU) has finally put an end to the woes of non-graduate expatriates who are 60 years and above by issuing a decision according to which the insurance fee is set at 500 d... February 02, 2022 743 Category: Kuwait
'Insurance' Delays Renewal Of 60+ Residency Even though the Official Gazette published a law regarding the residency renewal of expatriates above sixty years of age without university degree, the delay in finalizing the insurance terms makes th... February 01, 2022 487 Category: Kuwait
Insurance Companies To Decide On Insurance Cover For 60 Expatriates Within 48 Hours The cost of the insurance policy for non-graduate expatriates who are 60 years and above is expected to be announced within the next 48 hours following a meeting between the insurance companies which ... January 31, 2022 756 Category: Kuwait
Prevalence Of Insurance In Kuwait Lowest In Gulf The Competition Protection Authority says the prevalence of insurance in Kuwait is still the lowest in the Gulf, but it is expected to grow with the application of the new regulations. This depends on... October 25, 2021 153 Category: Kuwait
Insurance Market In Kuwait Still Lowest In Gulf, But Expected To Increase The Competition Protection Authority stated insurance in Kuwait is still the lowest in the Gulf, but expected to increase with the application of new regulations, noting that this depends on the globa... September 29, 2021 169 Category: Kuwait
New Insurance Glitch Grounds Above 75 Year Old Kuwaitis MP Bader Al-Humaidi forwarded queries to Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali in his capacity as the official who oversees Kuwait International Airport and civil aviation operations. He said ... July 27, 2021 389 Category: Kuwait
Insurance Available To All Travelers Director-General of the Civil Aviation, Yousef Al-Fawzan confirmed that there is nothing to prevent the travel of Kuwaiti citizens over the age of 75 years, Al Rai reported Al-Fawzan said in a pres... July 15, 2021 864 Category: Travel
Insurance Hitch Holds Elderly Travel ‘Kuwait Musafer’ platform has nothing to do with the rejection of travel for citizens who are 75 years old and above, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources pointed out this depend... July 14, 2021 452 Category: Travel
Cancellation Of ‘no Work Permit Renewal’ Decision For 60s Ruled Out; KD 1,000 Fee, High Insurance On Table Since the beginning of the year, there have been continuous calls to reconsider the decision to bar the renewal of work permits for expatriates who are aged 60 and above, and hold high school certific... June 19, 2021 1511 Category: Kuwait
Insurance Key In Over-60s Rethink Expatriate holders of high school certification and are above the age of 60 years are waiting for the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) to complete the preparation of a set of regulations related to... May 30, 2021 2664 Category: Expats
Health Insurance For Expats KD 130 In 2022 The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daman, Al-Sanea stated that by the end of the year the hospital will have a capacity of 600 beds and 5 primary care centers  in preparation for the start... December 26, 2020 1308 Category: Health
Rules Set For Compulsory Motor Insurance Policy For Civil Liability Related To Accidents The Insurance Regulatory Unit (IRU) has issued the rules for issuing compulsory motor insurance policy for civil liability arising from traffic accident, in accordance with Resolution No.9/2020 that s... December 12, 2020 263 Category: Information
Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Insurance Companies Achieve Profits Despite the negative economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic imposed on all economic sectors in Kuwait and the world, the insurance companies in Kuwait were able to avoid these negative reperc... November 24, 2020 261 Category: Coronavirus
Health Insurance For Expats To Increase To KD 130 The Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman) affirmed that 50 percent of the company’s shares will be offered as public subscription to citizens at the end of 2021, reports Al-Qabas daily quo... November 22, 2020 2327 Category: Expats
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