MEW Is Planning To End Contracts Of 270 Expat Employees Under Devices Contracts
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The Operation and Maintenance of Power Stations Sector of Ministry of Electricity and Water is planning to end the contracts of 270 expatriate employees who are employed under “Devices Contracts”, ministerial sources say. They revealed that the ministry reduced the number of expatriate employees on these contracts by 30 percent in line with the policy of reducing expatriate employees in state institutions. The sources indicated that the relevant employees have been informed after they were given termination letters.

They explained that there are two perspectives in this context. The first viewpoint considers this move to impact the ministry negatively, as the ministry is in real need of their services, preferring gradual enforcement of the policy in order to reduce the negative consequences. The other viewpoint is in agreement to the policy of reducing the number of expatriate employees in this manner.


02 Apr, 2017 1669
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