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26 Institutions And Entities Excluded From Curfew - Ministry Of Interior The Ministry of Interior issued a statement clarifying below institutions are excluded from curfew 1. Ministers  2. Members of the National Assembly  3. Ministry of Health  4. Jud... March 06, 2021 1325 Category: Coronavirus
Attorney General Reveals Systematic Plan To Wreck State ‘institutions’  In a judicial statement with unprecedented language and serious information, the Attorney General at the Public Prosecution Counselor Mohammad Rashid Al-Duaij revealed the existence of a systema... August 26, 2020 688 Category: General
Will The Arab Development Fund Be Opened? THERE is no doubt that the black boxes that were opened in recent months – even some of those that were opened years ago – exposed the scandals in several government institutions. We thoug... June 17, 2020 693 Category: Kuwait
National Assembly Approves 19 Accounts Of Government Institutions The National Assembly, during its special session Tuesday, approved 19 final accounts of governmental institutions, three international agreements, and report on loans granted by Kuwait Fund for Arab ... July 03, 2019 396 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Approves KPC To Borrow From Various Institutions To Finance The Cabinet has approved Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) to borrow from various institutions to finance its investment programs during the next five years, KPC said Tuesday. KPC has developed; t... April 24, 2019 244 Category: Business
CSC Sets Ramadan Working Hours For State Institutions in Kuwait 2019 The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has set the working hours for state institutions during the holy month of Ramadan starting from 9:30 AM in the morning until 2:00 PM for ministries and government bo... April 23, 2019 649 Category: Ramadan
Bashir Fall, Fall Of Sudan THE Middle East and Africa are unable to break the curse that has been haunting these regions. Unfortunately, these regions have failed to learn lessons from the curse. Whenever a nation rises up a... January 16, 2019 898 Category: Article
Govt Studying Proposals To Involve Kuwaitis In Ownership Of Institutions Government economic institutions are studying proposals to involve citizens in the ownership of hundreds of economic and service institutions in order to reduce burden on the State budget and lessen c... January 14, 2019 414 Category: Business
CSC Provides Jobs For 3,985 Kuwaitis Civil Service Commission (CSC) provided jobs for 3,985 out of a total of 10,281 male and female Kuwaiti applicants in ministries and state institutions. They include holders of university degrees, and... January 08, 2019 403 Category: Kuwait
KPC Requests To Borrow From Financial Institutions The Council of Ministers has instructed the Ministry of Finance, specifically the Public Debt Management Committee, to study the request of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation’s (KPC) request to bo... December 04, 2018 373 Category: Business
Our Performance Of All Governmental Departments, Institutions And Corporation Are Declining The performance of all our governmental departments, institutions and corporation are declining. They are not serving the national interest of this young nation which is full of ambitions and great ob... December 02, 2018 365 Category: Business
Our And Western Charities I do not know if it is stupidity or ignorance to think about comparing the size and quality of financial, technical and medical aid offered by Western charities with similar institutions in the Gulf c... November 01, 2018 997 Category: Article
Kuwait Ranked 54th In Competitiveness Index Kuwait ranked 54th out of 140 countries with a score of 62.1 in the Global Competitiveness Index 2018 released by the World Economic Forum Tuesday. The index measures national competitiveness based... October 18, 2018 552 Category: Kuwait
Fear Of AC Breakdowns Worries Some Institutions Even though the Cabinet has approved the formation of a department for the management, follow-up and control of crisis and for taking relevant decisions, the official declaration of such a department ... September 10, 2018 372 Category: Kuwait
MOI Will Carry Out Random Tests On Employees Of All Institutions The Interior Ministry will carry out random tests on employees of all institutions which are affiliated to it to ensure none of them are on drugs or alcohol, reports Al- Shahed daily. The daily added,... June 21, 2018 384 Category: Crime News
National Assembly Approved Final Accounts And Budgets Of Eight Governmental Institutions The National Assembly approved Monday the 2016/2017 final accounts and 2018/2019 budgets of eight governmental institutions — Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS), Public Authority for... May 29, 2018 445 Category: Kuwait
Plan To Get Tough On Construction Cheats Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng Ahmad Al- Manfouhi has confirmed coordination with the Ministry of Justice to block the transactions of those proven to have violated construction regulatio... May 28, 2018 520 Category: Kuwait
Freeze 3,108 Contracts Of Expatriates The Civil Service Commission (CSC) plans to freeze 3,108 contracts of expatriates by July 1 to make way for the Kuwaiti ministries and government institutions to recruit Kuwaitis, reports Al- Rai dail... April 16, 2018 954 Category: Kuwait
Professors Requested Authority To Investigate On Fake Certificates And Researches Some professors have requested the Anti- Corruption Authority to open an investigation into the issue of fake certificates and forged researches, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to academic sourc... April 09, 2018 701 Category: Crime News
12 People Referred To The Public Prosecutors For Forging Doctorate The number of people referred to the Public Prosecutor’s for forging doctorate degrees increased to 12, including 8 who work in the educational institutions, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Minis... April 05, 2018 620 Category: Crime News
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