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Electricity Was Cut To A Building Hosting "loud" Parties Following complaints about loud parties and unsettling noises inside the premises, the Ministry of Electricity and Water's judicial police squad took control of multiple buildings in Kuwait City a... August 28, 2022 217 Category: Kuwait
Electricity Was Disconnected In Khairan For 47 Chalets With the help of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, and the Electrical Distribution Networks Sector, the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy's Judicial Enforcement Tea... May 19, 2022 204 Category: Kuwait
Consumption Of Electricity At Its Peak On Thursday With the oncoming summer season and high temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius, the power index hit 11150 megawatts at 2:00 p.m., Friday's peak hour of consumption, the most for this year. Accordi... May 14, 2022 164 Category: Kuwait
Case Registered For Electricity Stolen From A Lamp Post Authorities reported an expatriate for theft of power after he diverted electric current from a lighting pole to operate a sewing machine in the parking area of one of Adailiya's institutes. Ac... April 10, 2022 352 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is Studying The Possibility Of Connecting To Saudi Arabia Through Water Dr. Mohammed Al-Fares, Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, and Minister of Electricity and Energy, revealed that Kuwait has yet to reach an agreement with neighboring nations to offer... March 20, 2022 329 Category: Information
Power Cut For Defaulters Customers who fail to pay their electricity bills are being pursued by the Customer Services Department of the Ministry of Electricity and Water. Defaulters have recently begun receiving warning lette... March 08, 2022 213 Category: Crime News
Efforts to curb electricity-related violations are intensified by the Ministry According to Ahmed Al-Shammari, the deputy head of the Judicial Control Team at the Ministry of Electricity and Water, inspection campaigns will intensify in the next stage to curb infringements, part... February 07, 2022 194 Category: Kuwait
Electricity Cut To Over 70 Workshops In Shuwaikh Kuwait municipality placed 1080 violation stickers on abandoned vehicles and scraps that obstruct the public road, and seized 9 industrial work sites operating without a license. Capital Governor S... December 09, 2021 425 Category: Kuwait
MEW Remains True To Its Commitment The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy said power supply to the last station Terminal ‘E’ of the new ‘T2’ airport will be completed on Nov 21 and with this the... November 03, 2021 452 Category: Kuwait
10 Vacant Supervisory Positions In The Transport And Water Maintenance Sectors - Electricity The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy has announced a number of vacant supervisory titles for the position of director, observer, and section head in the water operation and maintena... October 11, 2021 539 Category: Kuwait
Audit Bureau Warns Of Possible Electricity Shortage In 2022 And 2023 The recent report of the Audit Bureau warned of the possibility of a shortfall in the production of electric power during the next two years in 2022 and 2023, Al-Rai daily reported. The production ... August 17, 2021 303 Category: Kuwait
MEW Cut Electricity Of 600 Apartments The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy (MEW) imposed a law of cutting off the power to a property that violates the building law in the Salmiya area, Al-Rai daily reported. This La... August 12, 2021 1455 Category: Kuwait
27.9% Decrease In Electricity Revenues In 2020 The latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Electricity and Water revealed a decrease in revenues from selling electric power in 2020, which was the lowest during the last three years, as its reve... August 04, 2021 316 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait: Electricity Load Index Breaks Records Today, the electric loads index broke the record that was recorded two days ago, as the Mosher record just exceeded the number 15235 megawatts, and it is expected that the current consumption rate tod... July 12, 2021 336 Category: Kuwait
Power Supply To Bachelors Homes Cut The supervisory teams of the Kuwait Municipality in a number of governorates carried out field tours, which resulted in cutting off power supply to violating establishments, lifting neglected cars and... July 11, 2021 456 Category: Expats
Electricity Load Index In Kuwait Sets A New Record The electric loads index recorded today a new record, reaching 15110 at 2:40 pm, exceeding the maximum load recorded on June 6, which is 15,070 megawatts. Well-informed sources in the Ministry of E... July 10, 2021 630 Category: Kuwait
For The Second Time In Two Days, Electricity Was Cut Off In Parts Of Rumaithiya The Ministry of Electricity and Water announced that 3 sub-feeders of the Rumaithiya main substation B were out of service, which led to a power outage in parts of Rumaithiya. The ministry said: &l... June 23, 2021 339 Category: Kuwait
2,100 Staff Not Eligible For Rewards The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy announced the ministry’s sectors have compiled the lists of names of the ministry’s employees who were exempted from hours so that t... June 21, 2021 401 Category: Kuwait
MEW Team ‘records’ 22 Violations Regarding Electricity Connections Deputy Head of the Judicial Enforcement Team at the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy and member of the Singles Committee Ahmed Al-Shimmari announced 22 citations were issued during ... June 12, 2021 404 Category: Crime News
Kuwait May Burn More Crude Oil This Summer To Meet Electricity Demand The Argos website has reported that Kuwait may have to increase the burning of crude oil in power plants this summer in order to meet the high demand for electricity, which has reached a record level ... June 10, 2021 394 Category: Kuwait
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