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Kuwait Is Studying The Possibility Of Connecting To Saudi Arabia Through Water Dr. Mohammed Al-Fares, Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, and Minister of Electricity and Energy, revealed that Kuwait has yet to reach an agreement with neighboring nations to offer... March 20, 2022 274 Category: Information
Power Cut For Defaulters Customers who fail to pay their electricity bills are being pursued by the Customer Services Department of the Ministry of Electricity and Water. Defaulters have recently begun receiving warning lette... March 08, 2022 153 Category: Crime News
High-voltage Power Lines Do Not Harm Homes Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, indicated that the Ministry of Health's (Radiation Protection Department) newest... March 08, 2022 85 Category: Information
MEW Is Investigating Its Position On 60 Million Gallons Of Water Per Day The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy is debating whether to move forward with the project to supply, install, operate, and maintain the Doha Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant (Phase Tw... February 16, 2022 70 Category: Kuwait
Malfunction In Main Water Line Disrupts Supply To Five Areas The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy has announced a malfunction in one of the main freshwater supply lines in the Fahaheel region, which will result in the poor water supply to the... January 30, 2022 298 Category: Kuwait
MEW Warns Of Power, Water Supply Cuts The Ministry of Electricity and Water has sent 11,332 warning letters to customers with threats to cut water and power supply if they fail to pay consumption charges as part of the ministry’s dr... November 22, 2021 315 Category: Kuwait
MEW Remains True To Its Commitment The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy said power supply to the last station Terminal ‘E’ of the new ‘T2’ airport will be completed on Nov 21 and with this the... November 03, 2021 396 Category: Kuwait
Water Demand In The Gulf Will Increase 62% By 2025 In the face of high population growth, increasing urbanization, and accelerating industrial expansion, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is experiencing a long-term structural increase in... November 03, 2021 493 Category: Kuwait
10 Vacant Supervisory Positions In The Transport And Water Maintenance Sectors - Electricity The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy has announced a number of vacant supervisory titles for the position of director, observer, and section head in the water operation and maintena... October 11, 2021 490 Category: Kuwait
MEW Plans To Install 800K Smart Meters Within 2-3 Years Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Dr Mishaan Al-Otaibi announced the ministry’s plan to install about 800,000 smart met... October 06, 2021 252 Category: Business
Ministry Studying To Increase Power, Water Consumption Tariff After Two Years Except For Residential Sector The Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mishaan Al-Otaibi, announced the ministry is studying to increase the water and electricity tariff on all sectors except for the residentia... October 03, 2021 319 Category: Kuwait
Man Dies After Guzzling 1.5 Litres Of Carbonated Drink In 10 Minutes The 22-year-old’s rapid consumption of the fizzy beverage led to a fatal build-up of gas inside his body. Six hours after consumption, he was forced to go to Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing after e... September 26, 2021 990 Category: International
Swimming In Polluted Water? ‘Sewers, Chemicals To Sea’ The parliamentary Environment Affairs Committee discussed Thursday the rising pollution levels at Kuwait Bay and other coastal areas. Committee Chairman MP Hamad Al-Matar disclosed that a new source o... September 16, 2021 214 Category: Kuwait
Water Society Brings Together Experts From 13 Countries To Participate In ‘Designing Drainage Networks’ Program Dr. Saleh Al-Muzaini, President of the Kuwait Water Society, said building national capacities to manage water resources is a step forward in the way of developing the applied, scientific, and enginee... August 31, 2021 284 Category: Kuwait
Prodigal Use Of Water An Invasion On Environment On Monday, 2 August, Kuwait commemorates the 30th anniversary of the vicious invasion of Kuwait in 1990. On this day, the country recalls with horror the trauma and suffering during the seven-month lo... August 01, 2021 218 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Electricity And Water: 60.8 Million Gallons Maximum Groundwater Consumption In 2020 The latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy revealed that the current installed production capacity of groundwater wells has reached about 150 million imper... June 30, 2021 325 Category: Kuwait
2,100 Staff Not Eligible For Rewards The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy announced the ministry’s sectors have compiled the lists of names of the ministry’s employees who were exempted from hours so that t... June 21, 2021 363 Category: Kuwait
No Plan To Import Water, Rumors Baseless The Minister of Electricity and Water and Minister of State for Social Affairs and Community Development, Dr Mashaan Al-Otaibi, said the ministry does not plan to import water from outside the State o... May 26, 2021 453 Category: Kuwait
Legal Measures Taken To Stop Water, Power Abuse The Ministry of Electricity and Water launched an expanded campaign on the industrial and agricultural sector in the governorates of Al-Asimah and Al-Jahra Saturday which lasted until the late hours o... May 24, 2021 241 Category: Kuwait
On The Prowl To Catch Violators The deputy head of the judicial police team, a member of the bachelors evacuation committee, Ahmad Al-Shimmari, said despite the challenges that the team faces, the most important of which is the coro... April 27, 2021 399 Category: Kuwait
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