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An Expatriate End-of-service Benefits Breakthrough Is Expected An upcoming resolution to the "problem of paying end-of-service benefits" to foreign workers whose employment were terminated by government organizations as part of the five-year Kuwaitizati... August 28, 2022 340 Category: Expats
To Reduce Overcrowding, Daman May Offer Expatriate Medical Tests According to the local Arabic daily Al-Rai, the Health Assurance Hospitals Company "Daman" is willing to assist the Ministry of Health in resolving the overcrowding situation faced by expatr... May 18, 2022 259 Category: Kuwait
Expatriate Medical Testing Centers Continue To See A Heavy Rush While the Ministry of Health works to construct a new medical test facility for ex-pats at the Mishref Exhibition Grounds, the old sites in Shuwaikh and Jahra continue to be overcrowded. According ... May 15, 2022 301 Category: Information
Case Registered For Electricity Stolen From A Lamp Post Authorities reported an expatriate for theft of power after he diverted electric current from a lighting pole to operate a sewing machine in the parking area of one of Adailiya's institutes. Ac... April 10, 2022 350 Category: Kuwait
Suicide Suspicion Cannot Be Ruled Out An accident in which a car caught fire in the Fahaheel region has led to speculation that an expatriate set himself on fire. After receiving a report from the operating room that a fire had broken ... March 05, 2022 462 Category: Kuwait
Daman Will Test Expat Manpower Before They Enter Kuwait For Work The Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Daman) requested that Counselor Mishaal Al-Mudhaf, Acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, present... February 23, 2022 358 Category: Expats
Move To Put A Limit On The Number Of Cars Owned By An Expat Authorities are planning to curb the number of cars owned by an expatriate in the country. However, as per the law, there is no such limit and authorities identified that hundreds of expatriates own m... August 23, 2021 976 Category: Expats
Expatriate Remittances Jump To KD 5.3 Billion The Central Bank of Kuwait data showed that expat workers’ remittances during 2020 witnessed a steady growth of about 14.5% to reach KD 5.3 billion dinars, compared to transfers of KD 4.62 billi... June 16, 2021 398 Category: Kuwait
53% Of Expatriate Workers Are Unqualified The study indicates that expatriate workers are characterized by several features, including the low level of education, as those without a scientific qualification represent 53 percent of the total o... May 01, 2021 3779 Category: Kuwait
Expatriate Deported For Driving Without A License During the last week of October 2020 the GTD issued 25,309 citations and referred 17 juveniles to the Traffic Court for driving without license. During the same week, an expatriate also caught driv... November 03, 2020 497 Category: Expats
The Council Of Ministers Forms A Team To Study Imbalances Related To The Demographics And The Numbers Of Expatriate Local Arabic news paper Alrai reported that At the beginning of its meeting, today, Monday, the Council of Ministers reviewed the contents of the comprehensive patriarchal speech delivered by His High... August 25, 2020 1432 Category: Expats
Human Resources : Revoking The Residency Of An Expatriate At The End Of The Work Contract A Memorandum prepared by the Technical Office of the Human Resources Development Committee called for the adoption of 6 urgent solutions to the problem of demographics, including linking the residen... August 17, 2020 1369 Category: Kuwait
Violation Of Public Modesty Not Allowed In less than 24 hours following the arrest of the ‘Instagram’ celebrity which was followed by deportation some of the bloggers and people who appear in indecent dress on the social media t... July 23, 2020 1306 Category: Kuwait
Expatriate Laborers-only Clinic Opens In Al-Shadadiy A medical facility accepting only expatriate laborers opened in Al-Shadadiya, Kuwait, on Wednesday, part of a new healthcare plan that includes renovations of hospitals and clinics across the country,... December 26, 2019 607 Category: Kuwait
Now Expatriate Can Apply For Residency Visa And Visit Visa Online Ministry of Interior is advancing his services completely towards online, In a Major step forward MOI launched online services for Visit Visa Kuwait Family Visit Visa Online Kuwait Work Vis... December 25, 2019 4701 Category: Expats
Security Forces Arrested Four Kuwaitis And A Saudi For Robbing An Expatriate  Security forces have arrested four Kuwaitis and a Saudi, including two policemen for robbing an expatriate, reports Al- Rai daily. The arrest came after a Sri Lankan complained to police that... March 15, 2019 377 Category: Crime News
An Egyptian Expatriate Was Arrested For Stealing A Large Sum Of Money An Egyptian expatriate was arrested for stealing a large sum of money from a safe in a commercial market. According to security sources, the thief was found sleeping inside a fitting room with the mon... March 12, 2019 344 Category: Crime News
Divorce Process For Expatriate In Kuwait Varies Depending On Each Case Obtaining a divorce in Kuwait as an expatriate can be a very stressful but necessary process. First in order to attempt to file for a divorce in Kuwait, the expatriates must have the marriage certi... February 28, 2019 2926 Category: Article
Banks May Declassify Expatriate Client Data The Fatwa and Legislation Department has submitted to the Council of Ministers a draft law that allows banks to declassify the data of their customers, as provided by the CRS Convention on Join Report... January 14, 2019 562 Category: Kuwait
Residents And Naturalization For more than one reason, the number of my fellow citizens is almost equal to the number of residents, each of who has advantages and makes a difference when it comes to food, culture, art, talk and d... November 22, 2018 1020 Category: Article
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