For These Reasons, Apple Has Canceled The Headphones And Charger From The Iphone 12

After the American tech giant “Apple” announced its new iPhone 12 series, questions arose about the reason behind the company’s decision to remove headphones and chargers from phones.

According to the American “CNBC” network, the company decided that it will reduce about two million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, which makes it stop – in part – from manufacturing these tools to be attached to phones, while maintaining the course of its other manufacturing movement.

The news network stated, that the company said that its customers around the world own about 700 million headphones, in addition to that the recent period witnessed a remarkable transition to the use of wireless headphones, indicating that there are about two billion power adapters produced by Apple globally. For his part, the technical website TechCrunch said that the American giant decided to remove the charger and headphones from the new phone, with the aim of reducing costs, in addition to the company’s belief that its customers have a large number of headphones and chargers, based on the acquisition of many phones before She also indicated that there are environmental causes.



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