Expats To Get New Work Visa In 10 Days

05 July 2022 Work Visa

According to the Public Authority for Manpower, the authority is working with concerned authorities to expedite the process of issuing work permits for foreign workers. The new system of issuing a work permit will take no more than ten days instead of three months.

Our team is working with Daman Health Insurance Hospitals Company, which coordinates with approved hospitals in labor outsourcing countries to develop a new procedure. During the medical period, 2 days are spent in the country of origin and 2 days are spent in the country of destination.

In order to speed up the medical examination process of foreign workers, the board of directors of the authority is in the process of studying a proposal. Al Rai reports that the goal is to eliminate long lines at the labor examination center. Labor examination centers have been crowded and stampeded in recent months. In addition, to avoid delays of a month in obtaining results. There will be a higher fee for this new service, and it will be optional.

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