Work Permits To Be Issued For Those With Qualifications Linking Their Jobs
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Kuwait has made great strides in linking job descriptions to educational levels, as it was able to link 1,855 job titles to educational qualifications until the end of August 2021, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to reliable sources, it is no longer permitted to renew a work permit or designate an employee — either a Kuwaiti or a non-Kuwaiti — to a certain job title for the first time if he/ she does not have the academic qualification that matches the title being offered, and do not meet the conditions that the title would entail. Interestingly, according to a copy obtained by the daily of the list of titles, they include technician, trainer, supervisor, chef, painter and referee, for those holding at least a diploma. The titles of operator – machinery or equipment – have been linked to holders of intermediate certificates or those with less than primary level certificates.

As for the titles of director, engineer, doctor, nurse, meteorologist, general physicist, general chemist, geologist, instructor, teacher, mathematician, statistician in various specializations or specialized jobs in the field of media and others, the academic level qualification is set at bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. The sources revealed that granting the title of manager of a restaurant, food and beverage service, retail store and hotel reception to those who hold academic qualification less than primary education level is allowed. Also, they said it is allowed to link the position of writer, sales representative, collector, newspaper distributor, laborer, farmer, security guard, poultry breeder, etc to holders of intermediate level certificates.




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