Integrity Of Work Visa Contracts Should Be Verified By Recruitment Agencies
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As part of its coordination with the concerned authorities in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Manpower asked its counterpart in the Arab Republic of Egypt to verify the integrity of contracts preceding the recruitment process to Kuwait, and to adhere to Kuwaiti legislation and regulations in order to limit any violations that result from non-compliance, which result in the deportation of violators. The acting director general of the authority, Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi, was speaking on the sidelines of heading the Kuwaiti delegation to the 48th session of the Arab Conference, which concluded recently in Cairo. He said that Kuwait has called on the Egyptian Ministry of Labor to focus on the role of recruitment agencies and the role of government agencies in monitoring their work to ensure the protection of workers’ rights before they travel and to ensure the health and safety of recruitment procedures.

It was stressed, according to Al-Azmi, by the Kuwaiti delegation during its meetings with labor ministers of Arab countries, that Kuwaiti laws guarantee the rights of workers of all nationalities, emphasizing the importance of labor-sending countries monitoring recruitment agencies and adhering to recruitment rules. Al-Azmi denied that the Kuwaiti delegation had told the media in Egypt or other labor delegations participating in the conference about the intention to activate an electronic link with Egypt or other countries regarding the mechanism of recruitment of workers, stressing that there are local laws and regulations in force that regulate the process of issuing work permits, pointing out the delegation is committed to authorizing such events through official channels approved by the state.

By the chairman of the Kuwaiti delegation, Jaber Al-Ali, the Director of the International Relations Department at the Commission, he presented a special report to the Drafting Committee during the conference, which adopted a number of decisions, the most important of which was "supporting the trend towards the State of Palestine becoming a member of the International Labor Organization and condemning the Zionist occupation authorities' practices towards Palestinian workers.

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