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Spend More Than 6 Months Outside The Country; Renewal Of Residency Abroad Local Arabic media Al-Anbaa reported that expatriates can still stay outside the country for more than 6 months, except for domestic workers. For domestic workers, the six-month rule applies and th... August 07, 2022 525 Category: Kuwait
Driving License of 8,000 expats cancelled According to the General Directorate of Traffic, 8,000 expat driving licenses were revoked in the first half of this year due to non-compliance with the driving license requirements. In addition, 50 K... August 04, 2022 1873 Category: Expats
After COVID, Expat Remittances Have Grown After the COVID-19 pandemic receded and the Gulf economies recovered, Kuwait's labor market has experienced a remarkable recovery, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Gulf Statistics Center, which is affi... August 03, 2022 157 Category: Expats
Kuwaitis To Replace Expats In Cooperative Societies According to a local daily, Kuwaiti workers will be given priority for top jobs, assistant supervisor jobs, and managerial positions at supermarkets and cooperatives. Cooperatives have provided the... August 02, 2022 1275 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait to deport Expats For Eco-crimes Expatriates convicted of major environmental offenses in Kuwait will be deported, according to a local newspaper. Al Jarida reports Kuwait's Environment Public Authority head Abdullah Al Ahmad ... July 31, 2022 610 Category: Expats
Residence Laws Violators, 22 Expats Arrested As part of a security campaign in various parts of the country, 22 expats of different nationalities were arrested for violating residency and work laws. In order to take legal action against them, th... July 18, 2022 170 Category: Crime News
Thousands of Expatriates Left The Country in the First 3 Months of 2022 Because non-graduate foreign workers must continue to pay more than 800 dinars annually to renew their work permits, the labour market continues to suffer. According to a recent report released by the... July 16, 2022 1182 Category: Expats
Kuwait Arrests 34 Expats A campaign in the Hawalli Governorate by the General Directorate of Residence Affairs resulted in 34 arrests for violating residence laws. According to the Kuwait Municipality, Ministry of Commerce an... July 14, 2022 583 Category: Crime News
Expats' Best Country Index Shows Kuwait At The Bottom The UAE was ranked first among Arab and Gulf nations, followed by the Sultanate of Oman, in the index of the best places for expatriates for the current year, while Kuwait lagged behind the Gulf natio... July 14, 2022 491 Category: Kuwait
Expats Arrested For Violating Work And Residence Laws 10 expats of various nationalities were arrested for violating residence and work laws in the Capital Governorate and Farwaniya. A legal action has been taken against the arrested by the competent aut... July 12, 2022 454 Category: Crime News
Regulation Of Expats For Real Estate Ownership A government team has begun an executive study to create a plan that will allow foreigners residing in the nation to buy real estate, which is likely to be presented to the next administration establi... July 07, 2022 249 Category: Expats
Kuwaitis Make Up 80% Of The Govt Sector, And Expats Make Up 20% As reported by Al-Rai daily, Kuwaiti citizens make up 80.2% of government employees, compared to 19.8% of non-Kuwaitis. Government employees, including 362,133 Kuwaitis and 89,827 non-Kuwaitis, number... July 06, 2022 105 Category: Kuwait
MOI raids fake maids office and arrested 11 expats Eleven expats were arrested as a results of a raid by the General Administration of Residency Affairs of the Interior Ministry on two maid's offices in the Hawalli and Jleeb neighbourhoods. With t... July 05, 2022 237 Category: Crime News
Expats To Get New Work Visa In 10 Days According to the Public Authority for Manpower, the authority is working with concerned authorities to expedite the process of issuing work permits for foreign workers. The new system of issuing a wor... July 05, 2022 2150 Category: Work Visa
Government Hires 4,191 Kuwaitis And Expats The Al-Anba daily reported that 4,191 citizens and residents were appointed to 12 government agencies during the first three months of this year, whereas there were 272 fewer workers in five other age... July 03, 2022 160 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is The Second Cheapest City For Expats In The Gulf On the Expatriate Cost of Living Index for 2022 published by Mercer Consulting, Kuwait scored 131 globally and seventh in the Gulf out of 227 cities across the world, making Kuwait the second-cheapest... June 30, 2022 414 Category: Expats
80 Expats Nabbed During Security Raids Local media reported that Kuwaiti police have begun a crackdown on illegal residents violating the country's residency and labor laws. Al Rai newspaper reports that 80 violators of various nati... June 12, 2022 427 Category: Expats
In Jahra, 62 Expats Have Been Arrested For Violating The Law A security campaign against lawbreakers in Jahra Governorate led to 62 expatriates being arrested for law violations. 45 of them have no identification papers, four have expired residency papers, o... June 12, 2022 313 Category: Expats
Expats Arrested At A Friday Market Security Check During a security check at the Friday market in Al Rai, a large number of people in violation of the residency law were arrested. All vendors' credentials were inspected at the stalls by security ... June 11, 2022 1075 Category: Expats
Expats Arrested In Farwaniya For Prostitution Expats of various nationalities were arrested in Kuwait for prostitution in the Farwaniya area by the Ministry of Interior. They have been referred to competent authorities for legal procedures. 20 ex... June 05, 2022 2711 Category: Kuwait
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