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Kuwait's Gambling Sites Compete To Attract Kuwaitis And Expats Seven Western and Arab websites are competing to attract Kuwait citizens and residents to enter the world of betting and electronic gambling. The Al-Qabas daily reported that it is very popular among ... August 05, 2023 466 Category: Crime News
A Total Of 340 Kuwaitis And Expats Reported Their Children's Drug Abuse In The Last Three Months Within the framework of continuous efforts to combat the phenomenon of drugs and to raise awareness of its dangers, reliable sources said more than 340 citizens and residents reported their addicted c... January 18, 2023 287 Category: Crime News
Expats Arrested At Friday Market For Violating Residence Laws A security campaign was conducted by the Interior Ministry at Friday Market. 93 Expats were arrested for violating residence and work law. They have been referred to the competent authority to take le... October 28, 2022 567 Category: Crime News
Within A Week, 3,000 Expats' Driving Licenses Were Revoked According to the General Directorate of Traffic, about 3,000 expat driving licenses were revoked in the first week for violating their conditions. This decision comes on the instructions of the First ... October 22, 2022 2602 Category: Driving License
Examine Expat Driving Licenses In the Ministry of Interior, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations, Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh, and Director of the General Traffic Department (GTD), Major General Yousef Al-Khadda re... October 15, 2022 800 Category: Driving License
10 Expats Arrested For Violating Residence Law 10 Expats of different nationalities were arrested by the Ministry of Interior for violating residence laws, including nine absconders and one with an expired visa. All were transferred to the compete... September 17, 2022 215 Category: Crime News
A Total Of 25 Expats Have Been Arrested For Prostitution For their involvement in prostitution, 25 expats of various nationalities were arrested by the Ministry of Interior. They were referred to the competent authorities in order to take the necessary meas... September 07, 2022 499 Category: Crime News
Expatriates Arrested In Farwaniya And Mubarak Al-Kabeer According to the Security Media Department, under the supervision of the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Abdullah Al-Rajeeb, campaigns were launched in the areas of... September 07, 2022 375 Category: Crime News
1,000 Expats Arrested For Illegal Residents In 3 Weeks According to a Kuwaiti newspaper, 1,000 foreigners have been arrested for violating Kuwait's residency law in the past three weeks. The newspaper cited well-informed sources as saying that 400 ... September 06, 2022 492 Category: Expats
7 Expats Arrested For Prostitution Seven expats of various nationalities were arrested for prostitution by the Ministry of Interior. They were referred to the competent authorities in order to take all necessary measures against them. ... September 05, 2022 981 Category: Crime News
Expats And Kuwaitis Spending up by 30% during H1 Of '22 During the first half of this year (from January to June), citizens and residents spent about 30 percent more than they did last year. Their spending increased by KD 4.66 billion to reach KD 20.44 bil... September 04, 2022 302 Category: Kuwait
Real Estate Ownership Approved For 5 Expats The decrees approve several properties owned by expatriates in Mangaf, Mishref, Khaldiya, and our suburb, Abdullah Al-Salem, located in different parts of the country. According to the proposal of ... September 04, 2022 2014 Category: Expats
Expats Arrested For Violating Residence And Work Laws As a result of a security campaign conducted by the Ministry of Interior in the Al Naayem area, 19 expats of various nationalities were arrested for violating work and residence laws. They were referr... September 03, 2022 413 Category: Crime News
Kuwait To Deport 6 Expats For Immoral Behavior Kuwaiti media report that six expats will be deported for involvement in immoral acts. Al Anba quoted a security source as saying that the offenders were arrested after police raided prostitution s... September 03, 2022 498 Category: Crime News
In The Friday Market, 76 Expats Were Arrested 76 people who violated the residence laws were detained by Ministry of Interior field officers during a security operation at the Friday market in the Al Rai neighborhood. According to the Security Me... September 03, 2022 207 Category: Expats
Kuwait Deports 15,000 Expats Without Income Despite Valid Residency About 15,000 expats have been deported since the beginning of the year as a result of ongoing security campaigns in the country. Most of the deportees do not have a source of income. Article 16 of ... September 01, 2022 1936 Category: Expats
The Panel Rejects The Request To Include All Expats Under The '60+ Visa Ban' In Kuwait Times daily, the panel to fix the demographic imbalance rejected a request to apply the regulations related to work permits for expats over 60 years old without a degree to all expats withou... August 31, 2022 611 Category: Expats
5 Expats Arrested For Prostitution, Charging Between KD 20 To KD 15 Per Hour Four expat women and a man without ID proof were arrested for engaging in prostitution for a sum of 20 KD to 15 KD per hour, according to the Ministry of Interior combating human trafficking. They hav... August 30, 2022 19107 Category: Crime News
Expats Sent 50.75 Billion Kuwaiti Dinars According to Al-Anba daily, the sum of expatriates' remittances from Kuwait over the past ten years was approximately 50.75 billion dinars. From 2011 until the end of 2021, however, the figures fl... August 25, 2022 971 Category: Expats
Expats Files Case In Indian Court Over Exorbitant Airfares On Monday, the Delhi High Court requested a statement from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in order to hear a writ petition protesting the exorbitant costs of airline tickets on fligh... August 24, 2022 904 Category: Expats
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