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I wanted your help regarding some question for dependent visa. I am living in Kuwait and working here with a salary of KD 1,250 per month. I want to bring my wife to Kuwait on a dependent visa. After she comes to Kuwait, will she obtain a residency card or not? Will she undertake medical exams and fingerprints? Also, more important, can she apply for work here? Can she transfer the dependent visa to a work visa? Which is the best option she can work here? I would appreciate very much a response from you.

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Answer: If you bring your wife to Kuwait on dependent visa she will definitely get a resident permit but this can only be possible if she successfully undergoes medical examination and fingerprinting. As regard transfer of the dependent visa to work visa, your wife should be in Kuwait for at least a year, unless she is a university graduate in which case the one year residency requirement is waived. After satisfying these requirements all that your wife will need is a release from you as the sponsor so that the company which offers her a job could apply for a work permit for her.


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