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PAM Launches Transfer To Family Residence, 17 To 18 Transfer Online Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) launched a request for printing work visa through its website in electronic forms. The authority also announced the activation of few other services such as the ... September 08, 2021 1710 Category: Kuwait
Renewal Of Work Visa Only 30 Days Prior To Expiry The Public Authority for Manpower has informed via the e-mail service that work permits can be renewed only 30 days prior to the expiry unlike before the spread of the coronavirus when it could be ren... April 13, 2020 2269 Category: Work Visa
Changing Of Dependent Visa To Work Visa Immediately I have a query regarding my dependent visa. I am planning to migrate to Kuwait by this month end as a dependent. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering and I have 4.5 years of experience in IT field... December 17, 2019 438 Category: Work Visa
Work Visa Application Rejected Recently visa applications for some of my colleagues were rejected. Initially they were on work visa, went back to home country march 2019 after completion of project and selected for new project. Whe... December 14, 2019 830 Category: Work Visa
Can Wife Sponsor Husband Visit Visa And Transfer It To Dependent Visa?   With reference to the subject article published in your newspaper I would like to seek your humble an... November 15, 2019 5474 Category: Visit Visa
Visit Visa Cannot Be Transferred To Private Sector Work Visa The transfer from visit visa to residency permit is not applicable for transferring to private sector work visa, sources confirmed. Earlier, the authorities issued a new directive to transfer visit... October 31, 2019 3634 Category: Visit Visa
Bought Visa And Came To Kuwait – Now In A Soup I had communicated with an agent who assured to help me get a work visa under article 18 if I paid him a large sum of money. The date of my entry into Kuwait was July 5, 2019. One week later, the a... September 15, 2019 7780 Category: Legal
Time Period To Wait To Convert From Family To Work Visa How long does one need to wait to convert the family visa to work visa, what is the minimum duration to get the visa transfer? Is it one year? Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is one year ... November 05, 2017 569 Category: Work Visa
Dependent Visa To Work Visa Stay Of Wife In Kuwait I wanted your help regarding some question for dependent visa. I am living in Kuwait and working here with a salary of KD 1,250 per month. I want to bring my wife to Kuwait on a dependent visa. After ... September 25, 2017 1246 Category: Dependent Visa
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