Can Wife Sponsor Husband Visit Visa And Transfer It To Dependent Visa?
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I would like to seek your humble and earnest guidance to my query. We are married Indian couple. My wife is currently working in Kuwait as an Engineer and holding a Work Visa (Article 18). So as per the new rules mentioned in Article 24, 25, 28 & 30; can my wife sponsor me a Family Visa so that I can convert it to a Work Visa (Article 18)? Or is it advisable to have her sponsor for me a normal residence to convert it into a Work Visa (Article 18)? Please guide as I am looking to join my wife and also work in Kuwait.

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Answer: Sponsorship through family visa also known as Visa 22 is limited to the head of the family i.e., the husband. Except in a few instances and in cases bordering on compassion, women are not clothed with power of sponsorship. The new/amended visa regulations issued recently did not seek to change the status as regard woman and family visa sponsorship. In short you can invite your husband for visit but he can’t on the basis of that invitation seek to convert his visit visa to work visa.




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