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Residence Transfer Of Children (dependent Visa) To Mothers Allowed The General Administration of Residency Affairs have reversed its decision which was issued to six governorates to stop transfer of residence of children to their mothers if father leaves the country ... August 24, 2020 2619 Category: Dependent Visa
No Dependent Visa For Expats Above 18, Unless Pursuing Further Studies According to Alrai reported that In light of government trends to address demographic imbalances and their impact on the labor market, the Public Authority for Manpower intends to issue a decisio... August 20, 2020 1383 Category: Kuwait
Leaving Kuwait Without Cancelling Dependent Visa My family have resident (dependent visa) and they are in a need to go back to India and I am not sure about their return to Kuwait. If they don’t return to Kuwait within 6 months, their visa wil... February 13, 2020 3204 Category: Dependent Visa
Mubarak Al Kabeer Restaurant Visa To Dependent Visa I came on Mubarak Al Kabeer restaurant visa. My sponsor told me it is not possible to transfer to another company after 3 years also. My husband is staying in Kuwait on KD 500 salary. Now can I locall... January 25, 2020 3927 Category: Legal
How To Transfer From Family Visit Visa To Dependent Visa My family (wife and child) recently came to Kuwait through visit visa. Very recently my company renewed my residency with KD 500 salary scale (before it was 450). Do you have idea how to transfer my f... January 24, 2020 3436 Category: Visit Visa
Changing Of Dependent Visa To Work Visa Immediately I have a query regarding my dependent visa. I am planning to migrate to Kuwait by this month end as a dependent. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering and I have 4.5 years of experience in IT field... December 17, 2019 432 Category: Work Visa
Things To Consider Before Moving To Kuwait 1.   Kuwait May Be Hotter Than Any Other Country When people think of the Middle East, I am sure they are imagining a vast desert with a scorching sun and to some extent, this is true. Ku... December 01, 2019 5912 Category: article
Transferring Both Parents Visit Visa To Dependent Visa Can you please confirm if we can transfer parents coming on visit visa to dependent visa. My parents are on visit visa sponsored by my wife (She is working in MOH as a Staff Nurse). Can we change the ... November 19, 2019 10428 Category: Dependent Visa
Can Wife Sponsor Husband Visit Visa And Transfer It To Dependent Visa?   With reference to the subject article published in your newspaper I would like to seek your humble an... November 15, 2019 5470 Category: Visit Visa
Documents And Procedure To Convert Visit Visa To Dependent Visa I am an Indian and came to Kuwait on visit visa. According to new rules I want to convert it into dependent visa as my husband is working here. Whom should I approach for the process to start. My visi... November 14, 2019 3269 Category: Dependent Visa
Converting Visit Visa To Dependent Visa I came to Kuwait on a visit visa to join my husband. At the time of coming, I knew that he was sick. When I reached here he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he wants to take his treatment in Kuwait.... November 04, 2019 4783 Category: Dependent Visa
Processing Fees For Dependent Visa My husband’s basic salary is KD 620 can he sponsor me and our 7-month-old baby on dependent visa? And how much is the processing fee and time for the visa? Name withheld Answer: Yes, your ... July 22, 2019 7251 Category: Dependent Visa
Exemption Of Minimum Salary For Designations To Obtain Dependent Visa I would like to be clear on the criteria and minimum salary required to acquire dependant visa for my spouse. The salary I receive from my company is KD 454 per month but in my work permit they have m... September 08, 2018 1711 Category: Dependent Visa
Age Limit For Daughter And Son To Avail Visa What is the age limit for family visa for girl child. My daughter is now 16 years old, but my daughter’s visa application was rejected due to age reason. Kindly confirm age rules for children. ... March 27, 2018 1358 Category: Kuwait
Can I Bring My 2 Yr Old Child From India To Kuwait I am working in the private sector with a salary of KD 300 and my wife is also working with Visa No. 18 with salary KD 300. My 2-yrold child is in India now. Can I bring my child to Kuwait. Name wi... November 04, 2017 1362 Category: Legal
Came On Family Visa - How To Transfer To Private Company Visa, Cost And Reverse Transfer I came to Kuwait a few days ago. I have only entry visa, and I have done medical checkup for dependent visa. Can you tell me the procedure if I now get a job? Can my visa be transferred from Article 2... October 21, 2017 899 Category: Legal
My Wife Is Pregnant And Delivery Will Be Done In Kuwait - Dependent Visa For New Born I am working in a private company holding visa 18 … my monthly basic salary is KD 300+KD 120 allowance. My wife is also working in a private company holding visa category 18 and has a montly ba... October 17, 2017 1801 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa To Work Visa Stay Of Wife In Kuwait I wanted your help regarding some question for dependent visa. I am living in Kuwait and working here with a salary of KD 1,250 per month. I want to bring my wife to Kuwait on a dependent visa. After ... September 25, 2017 1241 Category: Dependent Visa
Wife On Family Visa Salary Below KD 450 Can We Get Dependent Visa For New Born First of all I thank you sincerely for your legal services and clarification. I kindly request you to clarify my below question briefly. My wife has a valid iqama (family visa) until April 2017 and... April 16, 2017 1447 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa For Baby I just want to ask for help with regard to my baby born in Kuwait. I want to get a dependent visa for him, but my salary is KD 100 and my wife’s salary is KD 650. What should I do? My sponsor is... March 21, 2017 851 Category: Dependent Visa
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