Carry Your Driving License Even If You Have Your Digital License On Kuwait Mobile Id App

25 November 2021 Kuwait Mobile ID

The authorities clarified that driving a vehicle without carrying the original driving license even if you have downloaded the Driving licence on the "Kuwait Mobile ID" App is an offence.

Security sources clarified that merely presenting the "digital vehicle driving" license in the "My Kuwait Mobile ID" application is a violation of the law.

Earlier last week, PACI had integrated a driving license with the Kuwait Mobile ID application. People can view their driving license on the latest version of the Kuwait Mobile ID app.

Reports indicated that the authorities had registered a number of traffic violations to drivers who did not carry the original driving license and were showing the digital license through the electronic “My Kuwait ID” application.

Unlike the Civil ID, there is no government decision or legislative amendment to accept the digital driving license as a replacement for the physical license card.





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