Twiitter: We Comply With European Sanctions Against The Russian Media
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As of today, Twitter announced it would follow the EU sanctions when they go into effect against Russian state media.

According to the Al-Rai daily, the member states of the European Union banned on Tuesday the broadcast on television and the Internet of the Channel RT in English, German, French and Spanish, as well as the content of "Sputnik" in the EU.

On Sunday, the European Union issued a statement clarifying that Kremlin-controlled media outlets will no longer be able to sow division among nations. RT, Sputnik, and their related media outlets will not be able to propagate lies anymore, justifying Putin's war and creating rifts within society. By developing tools for combatting their harmful and toxic disinformation in Europe, we hope to counter their harmful and toxic propaganda.

02 Mar, 2022 216
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