Tickets In High Demand; Few Seats For Return, Rates To Rise
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Al-Qabas newspaper quotes sources in the travel and tourism industry as stating that after the mid-year break of schools was extended from Feb 13 to March 5, the air transport market experienced an increase in demand for tickets. In recent months, teachers have been particularly vocal about their desire to fly to Cairo, Turkey, and Dubai.

Travel agencies received calls from travelers requesting the amendment of their reservations after the above-mentioned decision was made. As a result, the sources affirmed ticket prices are still reasonable, but the number of available tickets is very limited, which puts extreme pressure on the return tickets. Sources say the price of return tickets for certain destinations, such as Cairo, is expected to rise remarkably on March 3, 4, and 5.

In order to accommodate the expected volume of passengers returning to the country, some airlines request permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to schedule additional flights in the days before the second semester begins. In addition, sources applauded the removal of the PCR test requirement and the need for a corona vaccine booster dose at Kuwait International Airport. Sources point out that these requirements are burdensome for families who spend their vacation abroad, suggesting that the agencies will settle for requiring arriving passengers to undergo PCR testing once they arrive in the country instead of requiring them to obtain negative PCR results 72 hours before landing.





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