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During The Holidays, An Estimated Quarter Of A Million Passengers Will Use Airports The authorities at Kuwait International Airport are continuing their efforts to handle the movement of incoming and outgoing passengers, coincident with the beginning of the 'travel for all' c... February 23, 2022 241 Category: Travel
During The Holidays, Vaccinations Will Continue During the coming national holidays, health professionals will continue their efforts to vaccinate individuals against the Coronavirus, according to sources. Sources revealed that this will happen dur... February 22, 2022 591 Category: Coronavirus
Anti-coronavirus Curbs Ease, Holiday Travel Rush In Kuwait According to figures carried by a local newspaper, an upcoming holiday lasting for ten days coincides with relaxed restrictions against COVID-19, resulting in 242,000 expatriates and Kuwaitis using th... February 20, 2022 312 Category: Travel
The Ministry Of Information Plans To Celebrate National Holidays Until March 31 The Permanent National Committee for the Celebration of National Holidays and Occasions has announced the extension of celebrations of national holidays until next March 31 in conjunction with the dec... February 17, 2022 1146 Category: Kuwait
9 Days Holidays -Which Country Does Not Have The Word 'responsibility'? 9 days off... Name one country where officials love to sleep in the bed of laziness? Do you know of one carefree country in the world where the word 'responsibility' does not exist? Among coun... February 17, 2022 1651 Category: Kuwait
Tickets Price Soar to 120 % The cost of airline tickets to various places has risen in recent days, with certain destinations seeing increases of up to 120 percent for citizens and residents who choose to travel around national ... February 13, 2022 594 Category: Travel
Tickets In High Demand; Few Seats For Return, Rates To Rise Al-Qabas newspaper quotes sources in the travel and tourism industry as stating that after the mid-year break of schools was extended from Feb 13 to March 5, the air transport market experienced an in... February 09, 2022 371 Category: Travel
9-day Holiday … Travel Demand Up; London, Saudi Top On List The declaration of the nine-day holiday on the occasion of the National and Liberation Days increased demand for travel among citizens and expatriates who started planning to spend their vacation outs... February 02, 2022 235 Category: Kuwait
9 Days Holidays, From Feb 25 Till Mar 5th The Government spokesman Tariq Al-Muzram stated that the Cabinet has agreed to give holidays to all ministries, government agencies and public sector companies from Feb 27th till March 3rd, on the occ... January 31, 2022 5747 Category: Kuwait
182 Thousand Passengers Used Kuwait International Airport During New Year Holidays Official figures issued by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) show more than 182 thousand passengers used the Kuwait Airport between December 24 and December 31 of last year, including a... January 04, 2022 312 Category: Travel
COVID-19: Kuwait Suspends Health Workers’ Holidays Kuwait’s Health Ministry has decided to suspend holidays of all its workers, starting from Sunday until the end of January due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and emergence of the new highly tra... December 25, 2021 441 Category: Kuwait
Turkey, Dubai And Egypt Are The Top Travel Destinations For Kuwaitis On New Year Holidays With the New Year just around the corner, how to spend the holidays has become a preoccupation for the vast majority of individuals and families who look for fun and joy especially the young people. ... December 22, 2021 318 Category: Kuwait
No Change In Spring Break Holidays For All Students The spring break holidays for employees in the educational and administrative sectors in the Ministry of Education begins on Jan 30 and ends on Feb 10, 2022, as specified by the ministry earlier. A... December 11, 2021 476 Category: Kuwait
Holidays For National Day And Liberation Day Will Be 3 Consecutive Days Next year the National Day on Feb 25 falls on Friday followed by the Liberation Day on Saturday, Feb 26, and Sunday, Feb 27, will be an official holiday instead of Friday, Feb 25, and government work ... December 05, 2021 6171 Category: Kuwait
‘Thank You, Citizens, Expats’ The Minister of Interior, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali, sent a message of thanks and appreciation to citizens and residents for their interaction and response to the decisions of the Council of Ministers rega... February 28, 2021 1138 Category: Kuwait
Inspections Of Markets During New Year Holidays Head of Jahra and Kabad emergency team of Ministry of Commerce and Industry Jama’an Al-Mutairi says the ministry intensified field inspections at the markets, coinciding with the New Year’... January 03, 2021 329 Category: Events
Holidays Granted For Hospital Staff But Many Confused Doctors, technicians and administrative staff are allowed to go on a 14-day special official leave, under a decision announced by the undersecretary of the ministry last July. However, under the curre... September 13, 2020 571 Category: Health
Teachers Traveled Outside Must Provide Health Report Before Resuming Work After Holidays Ministry of Education’s (MOE) assistant undersecretary for public education Osama Al-Sultan made an announcement that all teachers who leave Kuwait during the schools’ impromptu coronaviru... March 01, 2020 594 Category: Coronavirus
No Prisoner Covered By Amiri Pardon Will Be Released Before National Day Holidays A security source has strongly denied rumors about the release of any prisoner, saying prisoners who are covered by the Amiri Pardon will not be released before the National Day and Liberation Day cel... January 23, 2020 383 Category: Kuwait
Cancer Center Not Closed During Holidays Director of Kuwait Center for Cancer Control Dr Ali Al-Mowasawi said the center will continue to provide service to cancer patients including the dispatching of medicines to patients who have appointm... January 13, 2020 284 Category: Kuwait
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