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A PCR Test For Expats And Citizens Vaccinated Before Arrival Has Been Scrapped In Qatar After a sharp decline in COVID-19 infection rates in the country, Qatar has updated its travel and return policy to exempt its citizens and foreigners from pre-arrival PCR testing. Media outlets in... February 26, 2022 337 Category: Coronavirus
During The Holidays, An Estimated Quarter Of A Million Passengers Will Use Airports The authorities at Kuwait International Airport are continuing their efforts to handle the movement of incoming and outgoing passengers, coincident with the beginning of the 'travel for all' c... February 23, 2022 164 Category: Travel
Tickets In High Demand; Few Seats For Return, Rates To Rise Al-Qabas newspaper quotes sources in the travel and tourism industry as stating that after the mid-year break of schools was extended from Feb 13 to March 5, the air transport market experienced an in... February 09, 2022 318 Category: Travel
Passengers Are Not Accepted At Departure Gates Before 20 Minutes Before Departure The Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated that the departure gates will be closed 20 minutes before flight departure. Departing passengers will not be accepted even if the passengers’ bag... February 07, 2022 581 Category: Travel
The Baggage Check-in Counter will close one hour before flight departure According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the baggage check-in counter will close one hour before the flight's departure time, and no passengers will be accepted on the flight after ... February 03, 2022 424 Category: Travel
9-day Holiday … Travel Demand Up; London, Saudi Top On List The declaration of the nine-day holiday on the occasion of the National and Liberation Days increased demand for travel among citizens and expatriates who started planning to spend their vacation outs... February 02, 2022 171 Category: Kuwait
All Commercial Arrivals And Departures In India Have Been Halted Until February 28 The Director-General of Civil Aviation's Office in India has declared that the country's suspension of international flights will be extended till February 28. The suspension will not affect c... January 19, 2022 7063 Category: Travel
Kuwait Sets Protocols For Arriving And Departing Passengers The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a circular to all airlines operating at the Kuwait International Airport which says based on the decision of the Council of Ministers and af... December 23, 2021 5870 Category: Travel
Flights At Kuwait International Airport To Remain Normal In light of the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus throughout the world, Director of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Youssef Al-Fawzan affirmed that the condition of fli... December 15, 2021 3277 Category: Travel
In Just Five Days 260 Flights Land, 261 Take Off Over the past five days after activating the Cabinet’s decision to reopen the airport to its full capacity as of last Sunday, the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation statistics show the number... October 30, 2021 332 Category: Travel
Arrivals And Departures At Kuwait Airport Still Sheepish Although the decision to open operations of Kuwait International Airport to its full capacity came into force, this was seen only in theory as on ground level there was very little movement with 146 a... October 24, 2021 1395 Category: Travel
Kuwait Airport Ready To Operate At Full Capacity Sunday Kuwait's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is ready to operate Kuwait International Airport at full capacity, starting next Sunday, Director General Yousif Al-Fozan said. Kuwait Inte... October 21, 2021 2357 Category: Travel
Air Tickets To Some Destinations To Be Less Than KD 100 The decision by Cabinet Ministers regarding operation of the airport to full capacity created a positive atmosphere in aviation and tourism and travel sectors. This decision will reduce ticket cost an... October 20, 2021 6267 Category: Travel
Direct Flights To And From Kuwait Will Cut Ticket Prices Of Transit Countries Significantly Member of the Board of Directors of Tourism and Travel Offices Hussein Al-Sulaiten said the decisions to increase the daily quota of arriving passengers at Kuwait International Airport to 10,000 and r... September 02, 2021 9018 Category: Travel
Applications Implemented By MOH Has Harmed People, Compensation And Apology Required Your Highness, the Prime Minister, the citizen is still suffering from the damage caused by the ‘platforms’ invented by the Ministry of Health, the Minister of Health, everyone responsible... August 25, 2021 1799 Category: Kuwait
Some Direct Flights Likely To Resume There is a looming possibility that direct commercial flights will be resumed with a number of countries that were banned for a long time as part of the preventive measures to contain the spread of CO... August 10, 2021 13902 Category: Travel
MP Submits Proposal To End Mosafer MP Abdullah Al- Mudaf has submitted a proposal to cancel Kuwait Mosafer application, such that travelers will only be required to present a negative PCR test result and covid-19 vaccination certificat... August 08, 2021 865 Category: Travel
Mosafer, Immunity Apps Leave Travelers In Limbo – ‘Missed Flights, Arrival Delay’ The technical problems that users of the travel apps “Kuwait Mosafer” and “Immunity” face as well as those trying for the approval of vaccination certificates from outside the ... August 04, 2021 1122 Category: Kuwait
Departures Do Not Need To Register On The Kuwait Mosafer Platform The official spokesman for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Saad Al-Otaibi, said that the  Kuwait Airport is functioning normally, following the requirements and decisions issued by the... August 03, 2021 3555 Category: Kuwait
Speaker Calls For Mosafer Alternative; Flights Missed National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim has said that the commemoration of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on Aug 2, 1990 is an annual opportunity to remember the sacrifice of Kuwaitis, especially t... August 02, 2021 768 Category: Kuwait
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