PCR Test Mandatory For All Arrivals And Departures
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The PCR examination for the coronavirus is mandatory for all arrivals to Kuwait International Airport, starting in August, whether for citizens or expats who have residency in the country, even if the citizen or the expat has spent one day outside the country, reports Al Qabas daily.

The Supreme Committee for the Re-operation of Commercial Trips met a short while ago under the chairmanship of Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud and the presence of the Minister of Health Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah, where the health protocols and requirements for the departure and arrival of citizens and expats to Kuwait International Airport was under review.

The daily reports quoting source that the PCR examination for departures will be through a laboratory to conduct examinations for the countries that request the examination, and the service will be available to citizens and expats. For returning expats to the country, the test will be available to everyone who holds a valid residency visa permit and has employment in the country.

Expats will be allowed to return to Kuwait once the country’s airport reopens on August 1st in accordance with the government plan to gradually restart commercial flights. The certified PCR test certificate proving their coronavirus free status is expected to be between KD10 to 20 dinars but the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is likely to standardize those fees following approval from the ground services and the Ministry of Health.

Returnees to Kuwait, both Kuwaitis and expats, will have to visit health centers accredited by Kuwait embassies abroad for a health certificate 4 days prior to their departure. There is no need to contact Kuwait consulates or Embassies to obtain any documents, as it will lead to unnecessary overcrowding at the embassies abroad.

The Shlonik app is available for citizens and expatriates returning from abroad, and has to be installed set by Ministry of Health.



17 Jul, 2020 6015
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