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Kuwait International Airport Has Resumed Normal Air Traffic Following a dust storm that hit Kuwait this afternoon, DGCA announced Monday that traffic in Kuwait International Airport resumed at 5:50 pm local time. Traffic was halted for nearly two hours and a h... May 23, 2022 358 Category: Travel
Dust Storm Forces Kuwait Airport To Close According to Kuwait's DGCA, air traffic in the state of Kuwait was temporarily suspended today, Monday May 23rd, at 2:20 pm local time, due to dust in the country. Kuwait Civil Aviation Directo... May 23, 2022 466 Category: Travel
76 Additional Flights For Eid Holidays At The Airport In preparation for the anticipated rush at Kuwait Kuwait International Airport during the upcoming 9 day holiday period, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has made some preparations. Engineer ... April 27, 2022 221 Category: Travel
An Indian Was Arrested At The Airport Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport caught a woman in her 30s attempting to smuggle 8 kilograms of marijuana into the country. A customs source told a local Arabic newspaper that the d... April 21, 2022 1052 Category: Crime News
Operational Airport Services To Be Developed With 2.6 Million Dinars To sign a contract for advisory services and technical and operational support with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for a period of five years, the Directorate-General of Civil Av... April 18, 2022 246 Category: Kuwait
After A Two-year Lull, Kuwait's Airport Is Ready To Reopen To The World In light of waning fears of Covid-19 infections and the vaccination of many residents and citizens as well as the lifting of travel restrictions by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation, Kuwait In... April 16, 2022 577 Category: Kuwait
During The Holidays, An Estimated Quarter Of A Million Passengers Will Use Airports The authorities at Kuwait International Airport are continuing their efforts to handle the movement of incoming and outgoing passengers, coincident with the beginning of the 'travel for all' c... February 23, 2022 241 Category: Travel
A Smooth Airport Journey The Cabinet's decision to lift travel restrictions has led to a number of travelers saying they are glad to be able to leave the country now. While on the airport tour, Al-Rai observed smooth t... February 21, 2022 397 Category: Kuwait
Anti-coronavirus Curbs Ease, Holiday Travel Rush In Kuwait According to figures carried by a local newspaper, an upcoming holiday lasting for ten days coincides with relaxed restrictions against COVID-19, resulting in 242,000 expatriates and Kuwaitis using th... February 20, 2022 312 Category: Travel
Incoming Passenger Travel Requirements The Kuwait International Airport has announced that all inbound passengers, whether fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, will be treated the same as citizens as of Sunday. Follow... February 19, 2022 1564 Category: Travel
Kuwaitis And Expats Spending On Travel Increases According to Al-Rai daily, expenditures on travel by citizens and expatriates increased by 7.98% compared to the second quarter of 2021, after declining by 16.62% from 590.8 to 492.6 million dinars in... February 17, 2022 275 Category: Business
Next Week, Non-vaccinated Expats Will Be Allowed Into Kuwait; Entry Requirements Passengers entering Kuwait are classified into three groups according to a decision made by the Kuwaiti Cabinet. The decision applies to both Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates. Not fully vaccinated, no... February 15, 2022 843 Category: Travel
Restrictions to be eased by Ministry of Health In a report to be submitted by the Ministry of Health at the next committee meeting, Al-Rai daily reports that the ministry is working on easing health requirements. In light of the improvement in som... February 13, 2022 915 Category: Coronavirus
In Addition To Scheduled Flights, Kuwait Needs To Add Another 50 Flights Muhammad Al-Mutairi, the head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, told Al-Qabas daily that the Kuwait International Airport is expected to see a minimum of 50 additional flights to accomm... February 10, 2022 270 Category: Travel
Tickets In High Demand; Few Seats For Return, Rates To Rise Al-Qabas newspaper quotes sources in the travel and tourism industry as stating that after the mid-year break of schools was extended from Feb 13 to March 5, the air transport market experienced an in... February 09, 2022 371 Category: Travel
Passengers Are Not Accepted At Departure Gates Before 20 Minutes Before Departure The Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated that the departure gates will be closed 20 minutes before flight departure. Departing passengers will not be accepted even if the passengers’ bag... February 07, 2022 649 Category: Travel
The Baggage Check-in Counter will close one hour before flight departure According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the baggage check-in counter will close one hour before the flight's departure time, and no passengers will be accepted on the flight after ... February 03, 2022 486 Category: Travel
PCR Test Compulsory For Arrivals; Kuwaitis Can Travel Within 9 Mnts After Second Dose The Directorate General of Civil Aviation reiterated on its twitter account that PCR test is required for all arriving passengers, regardless of vaccination, also for Kuwaiti citizens who have been va... January 27, 2022 3379 Category: Travel
Reshuffle Begins In Top Positions At DGCA The wheel of reshuffle in the leadership positions in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has turned, starting with the Air Navigation Services sector, which witnessed reshuffle in three ... January 23, 2022 168 Category: Kuwait
148,000 People Came Into The Country During The First 12 Days Of 2022 While Kuwait International Airport returned, yesterday morning, to receiving flights as usual and normally, and the first flight belonging to Kuwait Airways landed from Dammam at 8:30 am. about 148,00... January 15, 2022 434 Category: Travel
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