The Council Of Ministers Forms A Team To Study Imbalances Related To The Demographics And The Numbers Of Expatriate
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Local Arabic news paper Alrai reported that At the beginning of its meeting, today, Monday, the Council of Ministers reviewed the contents of the comprehensive patriarchal speech delivered by His Highness the Deputy Emir and Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad to the citizens, which came out of the interest and follow-up of His Highness, may God protect him, as the local arena has witnessed recently of the manifestations of tampering and chaos and practices affecting the security and stability of the country and harm to Kuwait’s reputation and position, as His Highness focused on the following:


1- Rejection of perverted practices and encroachments on people’s freedoms and privacy, and attempts to split ranks and stir up sedition.

2- Emphasis on the authentic Kuwaiti people’s awareness, awareness of the realities of matters, and their keenness to maintain the country’s security and stability.

3- Warning of the danger of deviating some social media and the slanders, stirring up, and launching accusations without evidence, and expediting the translation of the royal directive to eliminate the manifestations of deviation in social media in order to preserve the country’s security and preserve society.

4- Directing the legislative and executive authorities towards correcting the course of action, sensing the challenges and risks surrounding us, and focusing on the core issues.

5- Confirming the trust deserved in His Highness the Prime Minister and his ability to deal with important files and issues (education – youth – administrative reform – demographics – services – economic reform) and others.

6- Fighting the scourge of corruption with determination and strength and a legitimate duty, with everyone sharing its responsibility, and mandating the legislative and executive authorities to adopt effective measures and legislation to deter the corrupt and eliminate the manifestations of corruption, its causes and all its forms.

7 – Confirming the rule of law and the applicability of its provisions to everyone, and there is no protection for the corrupt, and that whoever errs bears responsibility for his mistake, regardless of his name, capacity or position.

8- Acknowledging the images embodying national unity and cohesion with the leadership to overcome all the challenges and dangers that abound in the pages of Kuwait’s history.

9- Reassuring citizens that Kuwait was and will always be, with the help of God, a house of glory and safety, moving with confident steps towards a promising and prosperous future.

Pride, appreciation … and commitment.
The Council of Ministers expressed its great pride and appreciation for the lofty directives and sound advice contained in the speech of His Highness the Deputy Emir, the Crown Prince, affirming his full commitment to these wise directives that would enhance national unity, preserve national constants and advance the country’s progress in various fields and fields And strive to translate it as quickly as possible in order to achieve everything that serves the interest of the homeland and the citizens, calling on the Almighty to support, with his help and success, the Kuwaiti people’s march towards progress and development under the wise leadership of His Highness the Emir and His Highness the Crown Prince, may God protect them and protect them and protect our dear homeland and its honorable people from all harm.
His Highness the Prime Minister affirmed the necessity of prompt and serious response by the Council of Ministers to the noble directives and taking all measures to ensure their implementation and achieving their goals. The council has studied practical ways to deal with this mandate and has taken a number of decisions as follows:

Cooperation with the National Assembly, the
formation of the government team headed by His Highness the Prime Minister and the membership of the Ministerial Coordinating Committee with the National Assembly to communicate with the Speaker of the National Assembly and whomever he sees from the specialized parliamentary committees to agree on ways to translate the directives of His Highness the Deputy Emir to focus on the essential issues and accelerate the completion of draft laws that concern the country And the interest of the citizens and embodying the hoped-for cooperation between the two authorities in order to maximize the joint achievement.

formation of a supreme committee headed by His Highness the Prime Minister and membership of government regulatory agencies and bodies to support efforts to implement the national strategy to enhance integrity and fight corruption, activate cooperation, coordination and integration between supervisory agencies, study observations and violations contained in the reports of the supervisory authorities on the work of ministries, departments and government agencies, and coordinate with the Audit Bureau for an investigation To integrate the efforts of the supervisory authorities, with the aim of unifying government efforts to limit and follow up all issues related to public money issues and follow up their procedures inside and outside the country and ways to retrieve public funds to the state treasury, as well as preparing preventive measures that lead to drying up the sources of administrative and financial corruption and its causes in an effort to complete the components of combating corruption in all Its forms.

Security leaks and
in light of the great interest shown by His Highness the Deputy Emir regarding the security leaks and the abnormal practices that accompany them, the Council listened to a report presented by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh, in which he presented the details related to these leaks and the administrative and legal procedures that were made It was taken in the face of all the violations and deficiencies that had emerged, indicating that he had formed an emergency investigation committee that ended its report in less than 48 hours, and accordingly issued a decision last Thursday evening to suspend the Director General of the State Security Agency and (7) other officers from work in the public interest and refer the recordings incident The leaked, including the facts, information and circumstances associated with it and the two parties to the meeting to the Public Prosecution, as well as conducting a comprehensive review of the work cycle and taking the necessary steps to avoid the recurrence of such gaps and ensuring respect for people’s freedoms and privacy and discipline of work rules.

Economic reform
forming a team headed by Sheikh Dr. Mishaal Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to diagnose developments that have occurred due to the repercussions of the spread of the Coronavirus, low oil prices, and the impact of the state’s financial resources, and to review proposed plans and procedures to address the imbalances that our national economy suffers from, including what is stated in the economic document and the proposed measures to reduce expenditures Preparing an integrated and thoughtful practical program for financial and economic reform based on fighting corruption, addressing waste and unjustified expenditures in various government agencies, and laying the foundations and practical mechanisms to address the existing economic imbalances and strengthen the national economy.

Modify the demographics
Form a team headed by Ahmed Khaled Al-Kulaib to undertake the identification of practical and legal defects and loopholes that lead to an increase in the number of expatriates from the country’s need, and whose presence does not bring real value added to the economy and review the laws and regulations that regulate the recruitment and residence of foreigners and the standards adopted in the evaluation of the employment required for each activity Economic and reconsidering the penalties contained in the residency law in the country and applying it in the private sector to confront the manifestations of fraud and circumvent the law, fight the residence trade, and set the rules and regulations to ensure compliance with standards that meet the technical, security, cultural and economic requirements that meet the requirements of the public interest.

Social Media
Forming a team headed by Salem Muthaib Al-Athaina, Chairman of the Public Authority for Communications, with the participation of (Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Information – Information Technology Authority – Public Authority for Civil Information – Governmental Communication Center) to study the negative aspects and deviations in the use of social media and in violation of the law made by accounts They are delusional, which offend the dignity and reputation of the people and make accusations without evidence, and those that affect social security and the security of the country and lead to discord and split the ranks and explore the experiences of other countries in this regard and present the practical scenarios necessary to limit these deviations within the framework of the law and without prejudice to the atmosphere of freedom of opinion guaranteed by the constitution We are keen to consecrate and preserve it.

The health situation,
Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah explained to the Cabinet the developments of the health situation in the country and the latest statistics related to the numbers of injuries, recovery, deaths and those receiving treatment, and reviewed the latest developments in the treatment, preventive and logistical services related to efforts to combat the spread of the emerging Corona virus.

Thiqa … through the renewal of confidence,
then the Council of Ministers discussed the affairs of the National Assembly and looked in this regard on the questions and suggestions as desired by some members of the National Assembly, and the Council reviewed the results of the National Assembly session held last Tuesday after discussing the questioning directed at the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State For Cabinet Affairs from the member Shuaib Al-Muizri, who submitted ten members a request to vote for confidence in the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, and to set a session next Wednesday to vote on it, and the Council of Ministers expressed confidence that Anas Al-Saleh will renew the confidence of the National Assembly in him in appreciation of the Hajj The convincing and ample responses he provided in his case in the interrogation.

The Government of National Accord
and the Council of Ministers discussed political affairs in light of the latest developments and current developments in the Arab and international arenas, and in this regard the Council of Ministers welcomed the announcement made by the President of the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of Accord and the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament to immediately cease fire in Libya, stressing the need to start A political dialogue that places the Libyan national interest above all considerations and that there be a permanent solution that guarantees security, stability and prosperity for the brotherly Libyan people.

A memorial service The late Dr. Dawood Musaed Al-Saleh, the governor of the governorates of Hawalli and the former capital, recalled with appreciation his sincere efforts and numerous national contributions in serving the causes of his homeland, so that he would pray to the Almighty to pray that the deceased would be blessed with the mercy and comfort of his mercy and rest in his spaciousness



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