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The Government Has Passed A Package Of Legislation To Deal With The Housing Crisis A package of laws has been introduced by the Council of Ministers to resolve faltering housing projects, including those in South Sa'ad Al-Abdullah and South Sabah Al-Ahmad, as well as those in Al... September 05, 2022 121 Category: Kuwait
Ministers Work To Revive Citizens' Aspirations Kuwaitis and residents have once again revived their hopes that their social lives will be just as they were in the past, where they can spend holidays with their family and friends. The Kuwaiti gover... August 15, 2022 164 Category: Kuwait
Wafra Amusement Park Gets The Go-ahead From The Council Of Ministers A turnaround in the Council of Ministers has given permission for a recreational park to be constructed in Al-Wafra agricultural area, days after the Council revoked permission to conduct recreational... July 28, 2022 221 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Will Host The 108th Meeting Of The OAPEC Council Of Ministers Today Ali Sabt Bin Sabt, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC), announced that Kuwait will host the 108th meeting of the Organization of Ministers' Coun... May 18, 2022 138 Category: Business
Kuwait University Director Is Presented With 7 Files The Council of Ministers approved the appointment of Professor of Engineering Dr. Yousef Al-Roumi as Director of Kuwait University during its most recent meeting, after a three-year hiatus. The new di... March 30, 2022 302 Category: Kuwait
Al-Sayegh Stops Receiving Public Members Until Further Notice In implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Interior, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Major-General Jamal Al Sayegh said citizens and residents ... January 11, 2022 270 Category: Kuwait
Council Of Ministers Encourages Kuwaitis To Join Private Sector As part of its plan to support national workers in the private sector, the Council of Ministers is studying a number of projects to give them financial benefits equivalent to their counterparts workin... September 05, 2021 253 Category: Kuwait
Council Of Minister Plans To Resume 11 Activities Council of Ministers is considering re-opening 11 activities; family and social gatherings, weddings and graduation events of all kinds, events, conferences, exhibitions, and cultural courses, increas... August 29, 2021 937 Category: Kuwait
Council Of Ministers To Re-examine Decision Of Closing Small Business Activities National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim called on the Council of Ministers to suspend the recently issued closure decisions, Al-Rai reported Al-Ghanim explained to the daily that he met represe... February 07, 2021 587 Category: Kuwait
MOH Addressed The Council Of Ministers To Consider All Its Employees From The First Category Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that the Ministry of Health addressed the Council of Ministers to consider all Ministry of Health employees who participated in facing the Corona pandemic since i... September 08, 2020 949 Category: Kuwait
The Council Of Ministers Forms A Team To Study Imbalances Related To The Demographics And The Numbers Of Expatriate Local Arabic news paper Alrai reported that At the beginning of its meeting, today, Monday, the Council of Ministers reviewed the contents of the comprehensive patriarchal speech delivered by His High... August 25, 2020 1317 Category: Expats
Health Authorities Are Calling On The Council Of Ministers To Extend Partial Ban The Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that Government sources revealed that the health authorities will present their opinion to the Council of Ministers during its meeting today on the partial ... August 13, 2020 1222 Category: Kuwait
No Decisions Today About Moving To The Third Stage Or Removing Isolation From Farwaniya Informed sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that the cabinet had not taken any decision regarding moving to the third stage, changing the time of the partial ban, or removing separation from Farwaniya duri... July 14, 2020 2501 Category: Lockdown
The Council Of Ministers Are Currently Holding An Extraordinary Meeting Kuwait government chief spokesperson Tariq Al-Muzaram, stated that the Council of Ministers is holding an extraordinary meeting to discuss the reports of authorities regarding the response to the Coro... July 02, 2020 2164 Category: Kuwait
The Council Of Ministers Holds An Extraordinary Meeting Tariq Al-Muzaram, head of the Government Communication Center and government spokesperson, announced today, Thursday, that the cabinet is holding an emergency meeting in the framework of its continuou... June 25, 2020 2538 Category: Kuwait
Council Of Ministers Decides To Allow Resumption Of Newspapers The Cabinet ministers of Council decided in its weekly meeting today to restart publishing and distribution of newspapers in hard copies starting from Tuesday’s, after it was disrupted on imposi... June 22, 2020 658 Category: Automotive
The Decisions Taken At Council Of Ministers Meeting On Thursday 1. A One month salary to all scholarship and private students whom are registered in the culutural centres abroad 2. Halt All Taxi Services 3. All Press conferences will be held without media at... March 27, 2020 4121 Category: Coronavirus
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