MOH Addressed The Council Of Ministers To Consider All Its Employees From The First Category
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Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that the Ministry of Health addressed the Council of Ministers to consider all Ministry of Health employees who participated in facing the Corona pandemic since its inception in all facilities affiliated to the Ministry or that were supervised by the Ministry from the first category (the first high-risk segment) as they were all in The front rows are exposed to the risk of infection with the virus, after the Civil Service Bureau statement of lack of jurisdiction.

The sources pointed out that “the Ministry of Health is currently preparing a draft law to amend some provisions of the decree of the civil service system. Under this amendment, it is permitted to grant the employees of the Ministry of Health the monetary equivalent of the periodic leaves that they did not enjoy and that exceed the maximum permissible limit for the leave balance 
because many do not enjoy Of the Ministry’s employees with their periodic leave. This step comes in light of the Ministry’s measures to motivate and honor its employees.̣

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