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Kuwaitis Raise Voices “Do Not Displace Expats” Kuwaiti lawyers and activists have raised their voices to defend the rights of expatriates who have valid residence and have received vaccination to allow them to return to Kuwait. Prev... June 16, 2021 1099 Category: Expats
Expected Amendments To Prohibit Renewal Of Work Permits For Those Who Have Reached The Age Of 60 The Advisory Committee for Labor Affairs, headed by the Public Authority for Manpower, held a meeting today, Sunday, to discuss some of the reports received regarding the demographics and their modifi... March 28, 2021 1722 Category: Expats
Second Look Rumoured On Demographics Bean-count Informed sources at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) said a breakthrough is looming on the horizon for those who have reached the age of 60 and above, and are holding high school certificates a... March 25, 2021 1069 Category: Kuwait
Haste In Addressing Demographics Issue Will Adversely Affect Kuwait’s Economy  There have been government concerns over the economic effects of the application of the demographic regulation law concerning the increase in labor wages, reports Al-Qabas daily. Despite the off... November 23, 2020 417 Category: Kuwait
Concern Raised Regarding Economic Fallout From Demographics Law The official government position is that it supports wholeheartedly the demographic law recently approved by the National Assembly, to limit the expats in the country and change the demographics, howe... November 22, 2020 566 Category: Information
MPs To Nip-and-tuck Text Of Demographics Law The parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee met on Thursday to edit the text of the Demographic Imbalance Law, which was ratified recently. Committee Chairman MP Khalil Al- Saleh affirmed ... October 22, 2020 439 Category: Information
Al-Shaheen Calls On The Government To Take The Initiative To Implement The Demographics Deputy Osama Al-Shaheen called on the government not to wait for the maximum periods and final limits for the demographic composition law and to initiate the implementation of the provisions of this l... October 21, 2020 948 Category: Information
National Assembly Approves Demographics And Rejects Financing Of Corona Victims Today, the National Assembly approved the demographics law in two deliberations and referred it to the government, in return the parliament rejected the bill regarding support and guaranteeing local b... October 20, 2020 839 Category: Information
Disagreement Over Demographics Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported hat The Parliamentary Human Resources Committee has finalized its report on the demographics law after its first deliberation and the completion of all its ame... October 19, 2020 838 Category: Kuwait
Demographics Rules Agenda  The parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee on Wednesday met the representatives of 15 public institutions and ministries in order to listen to their views on the Demographic Imbalan... October 14, 2020 668 Category: Information
Parliamentary Resource Development Invites 8 Ministers To Discuss Amendments To "demographics" According to alrai Next Wednesday, the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee will hold an expanded meeting, which will be attended by 8 ministers, to discuss the amendments that have bee... October 11, 2020 276 Category: Kuwait
Demographics And Ending Residence Of Expats Above 60 Yrs To Break Back Of Real Estate Sector The sources in real estate have warned against enacting audacious laws that would negatively affect the real estate sector which includes laws related to restructuring of demographics and ending resid... September 25, 2020 1884 Category: Expats
Kuwait: Modify The Demographics Within 5 Years Local Arabic newspaper AlAnba reported that Yesterday, the Human Resources Development Committee transmitted its report on the draft law regarding the organization and management of the demo... September 22, 2020 1257 Category: Kuwait
Al-Saleh: The Demographics Report Forces The Government To Start Implementing Its Plan Within 6 Months The head of the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee, MP Khalil Al-Saleh, revealed to Al-Rai the features of the committee’s final report on the demographics, which will be voted ... September 21, 2020 1071 Category: Information
Teams Mandated To Deal With COVID, Economy, Demographics, Social Media The Kuwaiti Cabinet convened its weekly meeting at Al-Saif Palace on Monday under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. The Cabinet members revi... August 26, 2020 691 Category: Coronavirus
The Council Of Ministers Forms A Team To Study Imbalances Related To The Demographics And The Numbers Of Expatriate Local Arabic news paper Alrai reported that At the beginning of its meeting, today, Monday, the Council of Ministers reviewed the contents of the comprehensive patriarchal speech delivered by His High... August 25, 2020 1401 Category: Expats
Abolishing Sponsorship System Critical To Altering Demographics Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgency of addressing the demographic imbalance in Kuwait, where the number of expatriates exceed citizens by 3 to 1. This population disparity is caused ... August 17, 2020 857 Category: Expats
450 Fake Companies ,100,000 Expats To Leave Kuwait By End Of 2020 With No Return Within the framework of the government plan to cleanse the labor market from random employment and adjust the demographics, the security authorities have intensified their efforts to control residency... August 08, 2020 3096 Category: Expats
Expats Fees To Be Increased The Human Resources Development Committee gave the government two weeks time to submit in written responses to the committee related to the government’s plans to address the imbalances in the de... June 12, 2020 5975 Category: Expats
Action On Economy, Demographics Urged MP Omar Al-Tabtabaie has said the government, represented by the Ministry of Finance, has been promising to provide an economic catalyst to damaged businesses since the beginning of the coronavirus cr... June 05, 2020 1220 Category: Kuwait
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