Steps To Update Your Name On Residency And Civil Id In Moi Website

27 November 2020 Civil ID

Last Year Ministry of Interior Cancelled Printing of residency stickers on Passports, so all your information will be printed on your Civil ID which will be used while travelling to prove your Residency in Kuwait.

The Name on your civil id should match your name on your passport, if the name is not matched you will be not allowed travel.

After the rule came into existence so many complained of having wrong spellings on their civil id.  To correct your name on Civil DI first you should correct name from immigration, once your name is updated in residency , the same name would reflect on Civil ID

Please find the steps below to update your name on residency on MOI website.

Step 1 - Please Visit Click on E Services - Click on General Department of Residency - Click on Renew Residency and select individual, it will  redirect to login page , login with your credentials if you dont have please register account

Steps to update your name in Residency and Civil ID using MOI website

Step 2 - After you login you will find all your family members under you sponsorship , click on change latin name on the family member you want to update name according to passport

Steps to Update Your Latin Name in MOI website

Step3 - Form to update your name according to passport in MOI website

In the below form , it will show present name according to residency and it will allow you to update name according to passport

Step 3 Form to update your name according to passport in MOI website


You need to upload following documents

Civil ID Front Copy

Civil ID Backside Copy

Passport Copy

Once you upload required documents click submit, then you will get a code please keep it safe

Step 4 - Checking status of name update request

please visit the link

Enter your Civil ID and pass code to check status

Step 4  Check Status of update of your name according to passport in MOI website


If there are any mistakes or if we miss any details please let us know


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