Sections For 11-grade Children Cannot Be Chosen By Their Parents

19 February 2024 Education

Parents of eleventh-grade students will no longer be able to intervene in choosing scientific and humanity sections, as the guidance report that was distributed to students in the tenth grade of secondary school to determine their academic interest included the opinion of two teachers of the scientific subjects (science and mathematics) and the literary subjects (humanities, languages, social sciences, and Islamic Education).

This is aimed at directing students to educational paths consistent with their academic achievement levels, in addition to the opinion of a psychological researcher. According to educational sources, most students suffer from pressure and conflict in choosing between science and the humanities due to the interference of their parents if their children’s desires differ from their desire to choose the quality of their education and how to direct their academic future. Some students are forced to change their orientation as a result of their low achievement in academic subjects, or sometimes in one subject, which pushes them towards changing their academic path, but the pressures from their parents push them to choose a path that does not suit their abilities. The sources stated that the Ministry of Education directed each student to sign a declaration to choose the division that suits their inclinations, starting from the second semester of the tenth grade.

They explained that a successful student in the tenth grade of secondary school from the scientific or humanities section can move to the other section within two weeks from the start of the academic year in the eleventh grade, upon a written request from the student’s guardian if he finds it difficult to study the scientific or humanities subjects. In another development, following the discovery of several companies evading payment to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, auditors of joint-stock companies have been tasked with preventing such evasion in the future. These companies were found to have failed to pay their obligations, which typically amount to about 1 percent of their net profits, reports Al-Jarida Daily. In response to this issue, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has officially instructed all corporate auditors to include a clarification in the notes of the annual budget, indicating any company’s non-compliance with payment to the scientific advancement fund.

By Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari

Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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