Rice Supply Secure In Kuwait Despite India Export Ban

31 July 2023 Food

As the Minister of Commerce and Industry and the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Muhammad Othman Al-Aiban stated, Kuwait has a sufficient stock of rice, which will cover its needs for a full year. Therefore, citizens will not be affected by India's decision to ban rice exports. Moreover, Al-Qabas daily reports that the Kuwait Catering Company has signed contracts to supply additional shipments of rice as per scheduled dates will not be affected.

Al-Aiban indicated that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is closely following the changes and developments that supply commodities are exposed to in the global markets, especially rice, given that rice and wheat are among the most important basic foodstuffs in Kuwait, so there are direct instructions to the Kuwait Catering Company to enhance the country’s stock of rice and build a large food stock of food commodities, which guarantees the stability of food security locally, and enhances the country’s ability to face any emergency conditions.


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