124 Kg Of Rotten Food Discarded In Kuwait

02 January 2024 Food

Abdullah Al-Siddiqi, the inspector of inspection in the Capital Governorate at the Food and Nutrition Public Authority, revealed concerning findings during recent tours of Mubarakiya markets. The inspection teams uncovered numerous violations in the meat, fish, and vegetable sections, resulting in the issuance of 14 pledge reports and the disposal of 124 kilograms of food unfit for consumption. Notably, three shops in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area were also closed during the inspections.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Anbaa, Al-Siddiqi highlighted a violation report in the fish market that led to the disposal of damaged imported fish supplies deemed unsuitable for human consumption. The vegetable market faced reports of general cleanliness breaches and infractions related to a worker lacking a health certificate. Meat markets underwent scrutiny, focusing on product safety and expiration dates.

Al-Siddiqi stressed that inspection teams extended their oversight to restaurants within Al-Mubarakiya Market, concentrating on the safety of food supplies, preparation areas, and storage spaces. The primary goal of the inspections is to ensure the safety and suitability of food items, guaranteeing they reach consumers in a healthy state.

The inspection tours also covered the Shuwaikh Industrial Area, resulting in the closure of three commercial stores lacking a health license, indicating unauthorized operation without approval from competent authorities.

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Last Updated : 02 January 2024

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