Prices For Food Are Stable: Trade Ministry

29 November 2023 Food

The Ministry of Trade and Industry conducted an inspection tour of central markets and mills in the Shuwaikh area, specializing in coffee, cardamom, and saffron sales, led by Faisal Al-Ansari, the Director of the Technical Body overseeing commodities prices. A tour was conducted to verify prices of essential commodities and ensure stability, particularly for items in high demand such as coffee and cardamom.

According to Al-Anbaa, Al-Ansari confirmed that the inspection performed by a team of male and female inspectors led to the fixation of prices for these products and the monitoring of stable prices for various food commodities. On the tour, several citizens, including the elderly, commended the role of inspectors, especially female ones, in monitoring prices. As Al-Ansari pointed out, such tours not only reassure consumers, but also act as a deterrent against opportunistic price increases. To prevent artificial price increases, the ministry will not tolerate violators and enforce the law.

According to Al-Ansari, the price monitoring team has obtained commitments from central markets and stores to refrain from raising prices and adhere to officially announced prices.

Al-Ansari emphasized the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector's responsibility of monitoring food prices, monitoring markets, and taking legal action against violators to safeguard consumers, citing directives from Minister of Trade and Industry Muhammad Al-Aiban and Undersecretary Ziad Al-Najem.

According to Al-Ansari, the inspectors are currently comparing store prices to those logged in the ministry's electronic system, which covers 67 cooperative societies and 8 major central markets. Consumers can report complaints through various channels, including the hotline number 135, WhatsApp at 55135135, 21 commercial centers, the Sahel application, or the ministry's website.

The administration has devised an action plan in which inspectors give stores a deadline to submit price lists to the administration's email, with follow-up inspections by management.

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